The Lost Mahout by CK Baker

the lost mahout

black cat in
a white wicker chair
pear leaves
the high wire
creeping vines
on the hedgerow
root ferns claw
the sun drench bank

picket wall stained
on cedar
sow bug jumps
the grated  worn step
four legs
on a foot path
biscuit brown
fill the pipe

spiders march
on dew web
knots and rivets
cut at the seam
maples wide
on the canopy floor
sap balls ping
the front gate

dandelions drift
on west breeze
berries plump
at shepherds grove
wood sill holds
the broken stained glass
letter box lined
by the shoe scrub

delft ware
on the snap line
numbers drawn
for the promising guest
junior poised
with mouth agape
birds and squirrels
whistle their jovial tune

gold finch
darts the sea ranch
mountain steam brisk
at lush green pass
crafters window
in the alpine
follies await
the days task

copper roof on a
mud wall
airedale set on
woven front mat
watchmen of the
earwigs and mites
scurry under
rustled wet leaves

frogs leap at corner creek
shutter bugs sit
at gryphons lair
still water ripples
at the deep pool
the folding tips
and fingers
on fishers bridge

brother bear
on the cut shelf
silver fish
come to life
whiskey jack high
on india green
elijah and xavier
pause at the days end



©CK Baker, 2013


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