April 10th, 1950 – Happy 63rd Birthday by Owen Kavanagh

Hello Inquisitive readers,

Here is the latest poem submitted by Owen Kavanagh, of Victoria B.C. If anyone out there pens poetry, and would like it posted onto site, please submit through “Comments” and I will gladly publish it for you. As to articles, opinions and essays that I usually post, on what was a fairly consistent basis, I’m a bit behind, as since September much of my time has been filled with work (apartment manager), which keeps me fed and housed, and another passion of mine, coaching Midget level (15-17 yrs old) hockey here in Victoria. I find hockey is a great team game to teach life lessons, especially with the age group I work with. On the other hand it can also be said that it gives me practical experiance to challenge a Physcology degree.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to be posting new stuff soon.


Now please enjoy Owen’s latest, “April 10th 1950 – Happy 63rd Birthday”


How trying for the centipede to tie-up all his shoes

once laced into the hundredth pair it’s long past time for school

so off they come and put away, the busy work is done 

our centipede can rest his feet at setting of the sun


Humans have a hundred pair of thoughts to guide their day

each to inspire the when & where which carry them away

to wander barefoot down some path, to crunch on stone to peak

to splash about in muddy pools, to hide beneath the leaf