The Innards and Machinations of Agenda 21

Part Two of Inside Agenda 21 and 30

A 35 page Dense Essay

“If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan.” Terence McKenna

Much like when the old snake oil merchant used to ride into town. Agenda 21’s goals and targets were deemed critically important for both, the great improvement in our personal lives and for the world being transformed into a better place. And all to be accomplished by 2030 or it’s all over, all bets off the table. So they bark from atop their loudly lit wagon instilling fear into our hearts.

It is a conspiracy, not a theory, but fact. Agenda 21 is an inventory and control plan of all things; food, land, water, energy, minerals, plants, animals, construction, all means of production, information, and all people. It is a plan for the destruction of representative government, and for unelected regional boards to take its place. It is mostly driven because the current and past lifestyle consumption patterns of a once large affluent middle class (the baby boomers) are no longer sustainable. Consumption patterns that the globalists created, but now deemed a problem. A classic “problem reaction solution”, where a problem is purposely created, and when the public react and scream for something to be done, the solution becomes the perceived or otherwise problem. So because of our meat intake, consumption of frozen processed convenient food, use of fossil fuels, use of motor vehicles, air-conditioning, a huge inventory of small electrical appliances and suburban housing, but a few examples, the globalists will make it sustainable not by getting rid of such things, but by controlling such things. There are many ways they are going to go about this; one of the ways is to move everyone into surveillance managed and controlled cities and regional centers. But first, and because absolute power is being able to control what people think about what happens, the Agenda’s first tenet is all about people. The agenda is “determined to end poverty and hunger, in all their forms and dimensions, and to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment”. As to how to go about this, to be determined by a select few.

The Agenda’s second tenet concerns the planet Earth, where they “are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including through sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing its natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change, so that it can support the needs of the present and future generations”.

Moving on to prosperity, they “are determined to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature”. Tenet four is all about peace, “to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature”.

The final tenet lies with partnership, to ensure that the purpose of the new Agenda is realized. “To mobilize the means required to implement this Agenda through a revitalized Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, based on a spirit of strengthened global solidarity, focused in particular on the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and with the participation of all countries, all stakeholders and all people”.

The drivers of these tenets are four main sections of the Agenda. (My comments within the parenthesis).

-Social and Economic Dimensions, meaning “combating poverty (combating the poor), especially in developing countries, changing (controlling) consumption patterns, promoting health (numbing pain), achieving a more sustainable (smaller) population, and sustainable settlement in decision making” (they will decide for us).

-Conservation and Management of Resources for Development, which covers “atmospheric protection (through geo-engineering projects), combating deforestation, protecting fragile environments (by forcefully removing people from them), conservation of biological diversity (control private property), control of pollution (only in Western nations) and the management of biotechnology, and radioactive wastes”.

-Strengthening the Role of Major Groups, (through diversity) including the roles of children and youth, women, NGOs, local authorities, business and industry, and workers; and strengthening the role of indigenous peoples, their communities, and farmers (by subsidizing them all).

-Means of Implementation, “science, technology transfer (control patents), education, international institutions and financial mechanisms”, which will all be covered below.

Much of the Agenda is being implemented at the local level. In 1990, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) or Local Governments for Sustainability was formed. It is an international organization that helps to implement Agenda 21 concepts across the world. Building a global network of cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable future.

Today, the ICLEI network includes more than 1,750 local and regional governments in more than 100 countries. The only requirements for ICLEI membership are a self-defined commitment to climate protection and the payment of annual membership dues based on population size. They also give out millions of dollars in grants, but you must first cede any decision making to them. Hundreds if not thousands of city and town councils abide by their directions.

While European countries, especially the Scandinavian countries have generally been the most obedient and accepting of Agenda 21, the US has nearly half of the ICLEI’s global membership of 1,200 cities, (528 cities/75 per cent of their cities), all promoting sustainable development at a local level. Australia is second with over 90 of its municipalities adopting the Agenda’s plan. The ICLEI representatives/handlers in these communities assist local governments to push for change along five interconnected “pathways” that cut across sectors and jurisdictional boundaries, and which enable “local and regional governments to think and design solutions in a holistic and integrated way, creating change across entire urban systems”. The pathways they push include, “low emission, nature-based, circular, resilient, and equitable and people-centered developments”.

While Agenda 21 has infiltrated at the local level, the 2030 Agenda is more a global plan. As mentioned earlier, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted by 193 UN member states in September 2015. The remaining three of the world’s 196 countries, Kosovo, the Vatican and the State of Palestine, are not a part of the UN so were not allowed to vote. So basically it was all in, and here we go. Notably, looking around the world over the past four years, since its inception , I can’t be the only one who thinks somebody has cranked up the crazy meter. Especially after the shock created when just over a year after 2030 Agenda was signed, instead of the expected Hillary, President Trump was elected.

The globalists plan for transforming the world relies on 17 points. With the word “sustainability” to be repeated to death so that we can all believe. And not wanting to take up too much of your time, I’ll give an overview of each point, with examples, and hopefully you get the drift. It may perhaps answer some of the, often befuddling decisions being made in our towns, communities, cities and regions.

1. “End poverty everywhere.”

By way of welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, universal basic income (UBI), Planned Parenthood, abortion, and other handouts. In fact, the overall poverty rate is actually dropping globally, mostly because of free-market capitalism, not socialism. Socialism is where everyone except the elite make $30,000 per year. Capitalism, and not corporatism, is where some can make $50,000 and some can make millions, if they worked hard enough for it. And the rest live on welfare, unemployment insurance, disability, or the soon to be universal basic income.

While capitalism at it’s base is where natural resources, energy and human labour go in one end and commodities and waste comes out the other, it is the opposite of how nature and ecosystems work. When resources are depleted the game is over. The planet is indifferent to our existence for it doesn’t need us to survive. But capitalism, not fascist corporatism-globalism, is still our best bet. It has been estimated that at the end of the 18th century, when industrialization began to rise and eventually bring forth labour laws that modernized and humanized the workplace and eradicated most child-killing diseases, about 90 per cent of the planet’s population at the time (800 million people) lived in poverty. The average life expectancy was 30 years. Today less than 10 per cent of the global population of 7.7 billion live in poverty, with the average life expectancy 70 years.

While the problem with socialism, especially Bolshevism, is it does not take into account human nature, nor the fact we are not equal. It operates by taxing the wealthy and making everyone poor, except of course for the elite at the top, who control all industry and commerce. Instead everyone is treated the same, no matter who you think you are. At the same time, being an individual has been programmed into us so much because it has paradoxically been used to only divide us. Eventually, if your not paid for being an individual, being one will be looked down upon.

In reality under present corrupt economic and government policy, more and more people are falling deeper into debt and extreme poverty. Because the present economy in most developed nations, only works for 30 per cent of the population, with tens of millions of people already mathematically eliminated. Statistical fraud by the government on poverty, cost of living and unemployment, cannot cover up the fact that the overwhelming majority of the population is on a fast track to impoverishment.

In the US there are only enough full-time jobs for 50 per cent of the working-age population, and half of the full-time jobs pay under $35,000 per year. “In current conditions, it is nearly impossible for perhaps 70 per cent of the working-age population are hard-pressed to earn enough income to afford the basic necessities without taking on ever-increasing levels of debt. And in many cases unable to ever pay back because there are not enough jobs that generate the necessary income to keep up with the cost of living”. Ergo, hamsters on a wheel in a cage.

The US government’s inane policies and actions in dealing with the growing epidemic of poverty couldn’t be more blatant. Cut billions of dollars from assistance programs and pour billions of dollars into the military, subsidizing corporations, and the prison industry. To also control the impoverished by militarizing the police. The private prison industry in the US is currently growing at an insane 1600 per cent rate. This is not a typo. Even though technology can now make it so we can be imprisoned, and monitored just as much, in our own homes. As it is, the US has the largest prison population in the world. Especially since in many inner-cities, poverty has become criminalized, with an assembly line of incarceration now in place. From birth, by a lack of family values, and indoctrinated through the public school system. Besides, the globalists feel that there’s no point in educating the poor because there is nothing for them to do. All told, in the US, 42 percent of children born to poor families will still be in poverty as adults, a higher percent than in any other advanced nation.

There is enough wealth in the world today to eliminate poverty. That there is poverty makes no economic sense whatsoever. It costs society more to have poverty than it costs to eliminate it. That is the insanity of the current system. Political candidates and parties spend billions of dollars to be elected to represent the poor. At the same time, the planet doesn’t have the resources for every human on it’s surface to become “middle class”.

Universal basic income conveniently, is where everyone, regardless of their earnings or employment, receive regular checks from their government instead of receiving any benefits. To be eligible, one must have citizenship, and vetted, as for one’s availability for the labour market and/or the willingness to perform community services. Those for it believe it will offset and counter the jobs lost due to automation and computerization by taxing private business. And will “free humanity from the burden of working hard”. Such a scheme could also replace the complex arrangement of government benefits, rebates and tax rebates. And supposedly everyone will have at least enough to eat, have available fresh water, able to clothe themselves, and able to rent a roof over their heads.

Currently, only about 9 per cent of jobs are at risk of disappearing because of automation, with unskilled workers the most vulnerable. Some estimates suggest 50 per cent of jobs will be automated in 10 years. A very recent study (Sept.2019) showed that most who are for UBI are 18 to 29 years old. The study also shows that 75 per cent in the US, 53 per cent in the UK and only 49 per cent in Canada would be willing to pay any extra taxes to fund such a project. The majority in the study, in all three of these countries, agreed that companies who switch to automation should have to pay more in taxes to do so. Which they gladly will pay of course, because of the money saved by going automated, while the government will add the incoming money to their coffers, perhaps even using it to subsidize fossil fuel companies, while people will still lose their jobs.

Many believe that UBI will reduce the incentive to work, or for one to live up to their potential. It would no doubt be inflationary, and that by attempting to move people out of poverty might simply raise the poverty line. It is a scheme, which will make the majority of the population permanent wards of the state. There is also concern that by reducing taxable income for the many will reduce a government’s ability to cover other expenses, like health care or a universal basic income. There is also worry that it will cause perpetual economic stagnation, higher interest rates, currency depreciation, and onerous tax hikes. And though some countries are already trying the idea, in April 2018, and only two years after Finland implemented such an experiment, they have decided to shut it down. Mostly because it became a question of where’s the money going to come from.

Yes, for some, being able to rent a roof over their head and able to lock the front door, have enough to eat, have medical insurance, afford internet access fees, hydro, and the opportunity to attend the occasional gatherings of friends and family would relieve much stress. And having the freedom to spend eight or more hours a day doing something you have a passion for and would like to share with others, would be wonderful. But which also means having a work ethic, and the dedication and discipline to do such a thing. And yes, with the option of still working in a job you really enjoy or climbing some corporate ladder, one can fill one’s boots, and make all the money you think you’ll need. Won’t necessarily bring happiness, but makes it easier to pretend you are, and at least will keep you busy.

In reality, things will stay much the same. The gifted, creative and driven will continue walking their roads, while the majority will take what is given, and spend more time online, and in front of an ever enlarging TV screen, and soon will be staring at the wall. Any money left over wasted buying a better phone, then spending the better part of the day staring at it. Indulging in as many distractions as one can. Filling up each moment of one’s day. Perhaps gaining ever more weight, needing more health care, and giving more money than they did before to the wealthiest people on the planet by buying their stuff and once again racking up debt. All to be told what to watch, what game to play, what to wear, what story to follow, what to eat and drink, and how to act and think.

There will still be serious mental and physical health issues, fewer people educated, addictions running rampant and increasing distractions. The problem with such a concept as UBI is the same problem with Gross Domestic Product (GDP), (the sum of the market values, or prices, of all final goods and services produced in an economy during a period of time). Work is not just a means of subsistence, it is a moral psychological necessity for individual and community well being. But universal basic income is not just another type of socialism either; instead it’s just another type of control to keep the status quo docile and tamed. Just like the soon to be, negative interest rate, and making physical currency illegal. It’s all created to benefit some and harm many others, but most importantly, to control the herd.

2.“End hunger by achieving food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.”

Meaning, giving the poor, food that will bring them heart disease and cancer, thus simply getting rid of the hungry. Promote Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. Most engineering genetic pollination and cross species genetic experiments, are all carried out with no idea of long term consequences. But many tests where rats are fed strictly GMO food, by the 3rd generation they are all sterile, as will all who follow. The globalists are giddy about such an outcome.

The World Economic Forum, based in Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland, is an NGO, founded in 1971, with a membership of 1,000 multinationals corporations. Through a partnership between the Earth Bio-Genome Project and the Earth Bank of Codes are collaborating to sequence the DNA of all life on earth. It was estimated to take ten years and cost $4.7 billion.

In June 2018, one of the world’s most morally corrupt corporations, the chemical and medicinal suppliers, Bayer AG, purchased the other most morally corrupt corporation in the world, the agrichemical giant, Monsanto, for $66 billion, thereby controlling over one quarter of the global medicinal and agriculture industry, and are ever increasing the usage of ever more deadly herbicides and genetically modified food. A recent report (2019) found that roughly of all produce sold in the US has pesticide residue on it, even after it is washed. Especially most fruit, whether nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries and pears. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) figures at least 90 per cent of North Americans have detectable pesticide levels in their urine and blood.

Another scathing new report from Food & Water Watch, outlines the madness of Monsanto. Their seeds are genetically engineered to withstand the massive, growing amounts of herbicides and pesticides, and artificial growth hormones, created and used by themselves. Such genetically modified seeds are grown on over 282 million acres worldwide, including 40 per cent of US farmland. In the US alone Monsanto earns over $11 billion in net sales, while spending over $60 million over the past two years lobbying the US government. The report found that indeed, as we’ve known for decades now, “Monsanto has become synonymous with the corporatization and industrialization of our food supply.”

Automation and technological centralization will undoubtedly take over the food industry, while tillage (plowing) of land, will probably soon be not allowed, and portrayed as an “unsustainable” practise by humans. With sadness is the fact that we will then have destroyed future generation’s ability to grow and harvest food, as well as collecting seeds for future harvests, by erasing such knowledge from our social memory. As we have already done by removing our knowledge and ability to hunt and forage to provide the necessities needed to survive.

Just over one hundred years ago about 80 per cent of the people on the planet were still living rural, in counties, towns, and on farms. The rest lived in the big-cities. Farming was hard work, some risk, and for most it became a passion. Truly providing for family and community. The smell of hay, dirt and manure, and killing animals which were raised, to eat them and use their hides.

Today, recent calculations show that there is about 1.9 hectares of arable land per person to supply the food and resources and absorb that human’s waste over a year. In reality, the average human on the planet uses about 2.3 hectares worth. Comparatively, the average American needs about 9.7 hectares for their resources and waste, the average African, less than half a hectare. Canada, with more land to grow food than every other country in the world, except one (Russia), has to import more than 80 per cent of all the fruit, vegetables, and nuts, she consumes. In the 1970’s the province of British Columbia, grew 75 per cent of it’s own food, today (2019) and because of globalism, it barely grows 5 per cent.

Actual food has become nothing but a commodity and is not distributed on the basis of need but in accordance with market demand. In other words, the paying consumer rather than the hungry human is the target of corporate food production. And though humanity produces more food than at any other time in history; we waste 40 per cent of it. And in most cases the reason for it is because of our expectations and demand for high-quality food that must be pleasing to the eye. Similar to how humans interact with each other, North American supermarket chains reject over 30 per cent of all fruits and vegetables because they aren’t attractive enough.

Canadians alone waste over $31 billion dollars worth of food every year, 47 per cent of which gets wasted at home. At the same time over 13 per cent of Canadians (4 million people) do not have reliable access to adequate amounts of safe, good-quality, nutritious food. Along with extreme inequality and distribution, one of the main reasons being they are poor, and because the food that is good for you, as with all things good for us, is not cheap.

Meanwhile, and yet another paradox, nearly 800 million people in the world are starving. That’s about one in nine people on Earth. The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing countries, where 12.9 per cent of the population is undernourished, yet at the same time there are over one billion people in the world who are obese, and over 1.6 billion people who are overweight.

Globally, only 10 companies control almost every large food and beverage brand. And speaks volumes on our consumption habits and health. They include;

Nestlé ($87 billion annual revenue), and among many other items, owns Gerber baby food, Perrier, DiGiorno, Hot Pockets, and candy brands including Butterfinger and KitKat. And seem to have a global monopoly on bottled water.

PepsiCo ($63 billion) which in addition to Pepsi and other sodas, also owns brands such as Quaker Oatmeal, Cheetos, and Tropicana.

Unilever ($59 billion) has a diverse list of brands including Axe body spray, Lipton tea, Magnum ice cream, and Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

Coca-Cola ($44 billion) is moving beyond soda, with beverage brands including Dasani, Fuze, and Honest Tea. And are also trying to gain a monopoly on bottled water.

Mars ($33 billion) is best known for its chocolate brands, such as M&M, but it also owns Uncle Ben’s rice, Starburst, and Orbit gum.

Mondelez ($30 billion), this snack-centric company’s brands include Oreo, Trident gum, and Sour Patch Kids.

Danone ($25 billion) is best known for yogurts like Activa, Yocrunch, and Oikos. They also sell medical nutrition products and bottled water.

General Mills ($17 billion) produce cereals like Cheerios and Chex, but also owns brands like Yoplait, Hamburger Helper, Haagen-Dazs, and Betty Crocker.

Associated British Foods ($16 billion). This British company owns brands such as Dorset Cereals and Twinings tea, as well as the retailer Primark.

And Kellogg’s ($13.5 billion) which owns Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, and non cereal brands including Eggo, Pringles, and Cheez-It.

And while millions of small farmers are still producing the majority of the planets’ food, the transnational companies who favour global food chains rather than local, and their chemical-intensive industrial farming practices, are gaining ever more ground. To affirm, between 2003 and 2013, 33 per cent (4 million) of private farms in the European Union disappeared. Gobbled up by corporations. Today only three per cent of the chemical-intensive industrial farms control over 50 per cent of the European Union’s agricultural land. The same thing is happening in America where bankrupt farms are not purchased by other farmers but by corporations. Farmers all over the globe are having their livelihoods taken away from them, and are sadly taking their own lives. American farmers now have the highest suicide rate of any other profession in the US (84.5 per 100,000), more than four times the rate of the general population. And even though not one new food staple has been developed from a wild plant since prehistoric times, today biotech and agribusiness corporations, such as Monsanto, have taken out patents on crop seeds, genetically modified or not, and even some animals, which they claim to have “invented”.

The world’s largest crop today is not as in the past, a cereal, it is sugarcane – surprise. Corn is the second largest food crop, with rice number three. But rice is the most important grain, as it provides over one-fifth of the calories consumed by humans worldwide. As to calories, today about four billion people live on a plant-based diet, while about two billion live on a meat-based diet.

Though not a grain, but a legume, soybean is another important crop to humanity but is unfortunately being grown where rain forests once stood, with over 80 per cent of its production being used to feed livestock. But by far the world’s biggest feed-grain is corn. Yes, it and bubble gum being two of the few things able to pass through a digestive system unscathed.

The US is the leading producer and exporter of corn, accounting for four-fifths of the total world grain harvest. They use 56 per cent of their available water to grow such crops. Globally the US corn crop exceeds China’s rice and wheat harvests combined, with twice as much corn grown than rice. Thirty-seven per cent of all corn production is used for creating ethanol, with bio-fuel production having grown 300,000 per cent (again, not a typo) in the last ten years, converting ever more land from farming food to production of fuel. Approximately one bushel (approx. 30 L) of corn produces 10.5 liters of ethanol, nearly 8 kg of waste (which is used for livestock feed) and 8.1 kg of carbon dioxide. With over 10 per cent of corn production going to syrup, sweeteners, starch, beverage alcohol and cereals, while the rest continues to be used as simple filler for manufactured foods and for feeding livestock.

The predominate insecticide (neonicotinoids) used on many corn and soy crops, affects bees and other insects’ central nervous system, and is considered one of the main causes for the loss of more than 30 per cent of bees across North America. China and the Europe are also experiencing bee colonies dying off, as well as further loss from mites, viruses, climate conditions and habitat loss. What is now called colony collapse disorder might be the start to imminent extinction for the honey bee, which plays an important role in pollination. Its extinction alone would be disastrous for the food chain.

Today, animal pastureland which corrals and processes the world’s 20 billion chickens, 1.6 billion cows and bulls, and one billion pigs and sheep, now accounts for over 40 per cent of the planet’s usable surface. The bulk of which, is in China, US, India and Australia. Not counting the trillions of fish, crustaceans and molluscs harvested or caught, the total biomass of the world’s livestock is nearly twice that of humanity. Weighing twice as much as we do, taking twenty times as much land and crops, and using hundreds of times more water to grow.

To grow a half a kilogram of edible animal products on say one acre of land, you could instead grow twelve to twenty times the amount in kilograms of edible vegetables, fruit, and grain. Today, nearly 2,000 cattle, chickens, pigs and sheep are slaughtered every second for food, about 500 billion a year, and worth about $1 trillion a year. With humanity eating 25 per cent more meat than five years ago, it is estimated that the demand for meat will double over the next fifteen to twenty years, and that by 2050, as our population rises along with land costs, real meat will be a luxury item. While fake meat will not be, and “soylent green” not so far-fetched. Soon meat will be taxed as much as cigarettes, gas, and sugar.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently analyzed data which the National Antimicrobial Resistant Monitoring System (2015) received after testing 47,000 pieces of meat sold in supermarkets, including beef, chicken, pork and turkey. And though the tests were conducted in the US, much of the same meat is sold throughout the world. Where animals enclosed within corporate factory farms, live in such stressful, crowded and unsanitary conditions they must be fed huge quantities of antibiotics to survive, and grow more quickly. The data shows antibiotic resistant bacteria in 79 per cent of turkey samples, 71 per cent of pork chops, 62 per cent of beef and 36 per cent of chicken parts. Suffice to say, children, pregnant women, older adults or the immune compromised, beware.

Today there has been extensive research on synthetic agriculture, where molecules replace dirt, animals, land, and hard work. But before something like this can go forward, certain fundamentals should be met, Such as affordability, nutrition, and taste. When this criterion is met we’ll all buy into it in the name of “sustainability”.

3. “Ensure healthy lives and promote the well being of all people at all ages” (pharmaceutically).

An industry that is not about curing anything, but instead, is all about making money to mitigate the pain and trying to stave off death. Globalism has created a health care system that has become simply disease treatment, operating with a lack of resources for the mentally ill, and a manufactured ignorance about addiction because people aren’t willing to go through the “hell and back” stage it takes to recover. Throw in rising costs of living, the lowering of our morals, the destruction of the family, modern homelessness, and our consumption habits.

In the seventies, the globalists got many liberal and democratic governments to start shutting down facilities for the mentally ill, because they thought it would save them money. Instead the costs to deal with the increasing homeless and mentally-ill population, including the bulk of time and services spent by the police, medical personal, the court system and the health ministries, are over ten-fold over when they were living in places to keep them safe. Locking them all up on some remote island would be as much or far more costly. But as time went on, modern homelessness became where we stopped seeing people and instead started to only see problems. The causes are many, but are most all symptoms of a much deeper crisis. The society we live in and the continuing process of dehumanizing much of the population. The globalist’s have also instilled mass victimization, obedience, and hinder any upward mobility based on merit alone. And when we stray we are locked up in prisons, or driven broke defending our innocence.

Tens of millions of people in the developed world who have been suffering mentally, could have perhaps been cured by now if it were not for the doctor and pharmaceutical salesmen induced prescription epidemic of drugs such as methylphenidates, a dopamine re-uptake inhibitor drug, which include the brand names, Ritalin, Concerta, Daytrana, Metadate and Methylin. Along with, anti-psychotic tranquilizing drugs, from Thorazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Clozapine, Abilify, Clozapine, Fanapt, Geodon, Invega, Risperdal, Saphris, Seroquel and Zyprexa. The most popular by far, are the anti-depressants, Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa, and Lexapro. All simply distracting the pain instead of dealing with it. Whether depression or addiction from lack of spiritual care, trauma, or chemical imbalances, far too many people today are facing illness and grief by finding comfort and meaning through pills. Sadly the medicated are also less inclined to do something new, like to change and become a better person.

In the US, over 95 million people take prescription painkillers for chronic pain. But then for over fifty years now, “many people, usually middle-aged and elderly women, were prescribed opioid medications for the often most trivial conditions, personality inadequacies and social influences”. And then when sufficiently addicted, health insurance runs out and people have to get their supply elsewhere to feed the addiction. Getting big-Pharma to monopolize the opioid industry, and control the Afghan opium fields using the US military for nearly twenty years now, was brilliant. Especially now, when after people’s prescriptions runs out on their “pain relief”, they go the cheap route, heroin from the Afghan poppy fields.

The current cost for their prescription drug created opioid epidemic is more than $78 billion a year. The majority of this money is going to the makers of the prescription painkillers, by not fixing an injury, instead making it so we just don’t feel it, because we’re high. Other countries are also experiencing rising costs and deaths attributed to the opioid epidemic. But then, alcohol and tobacco are together, more than four times as costly to economies as the combined costs of opioids and cannabis. Americans are now dying more by overdoses than car accidents and guns. The highest drug-related death rates in the world today are in the US, Canada, and Mexico. In reality most people aren’t necessarily addicted to alcohol, porn, gambling or opioids and other drugs; they are addicted to escaping reality. And is why the supposedly War on Drugs, is actually a War on People.

Two recent studies showed that in Canada, and the US, over 60 per cent of the populations couldn’t cover a $500 emergency repair bill. Nor afford a single pill of a life-saving drug, such as for hepatitis, anti-infection, or the new multiple-sclerosis (MS) pill ($300,000 for a years prescription).

AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons), a US-based non-profit interest group with more than 38 million members as of 2018, and whose stated mission is “to empower people to choose how they live as they age”, recently completed a study of 115 specialty drugs and found that the average cost of a year’s worth of prescriptions was over $50,000, three times more than the average Social Security benefit. Although it’s true that most people don’t pay the full retail cost of medicine, the portion paid by insurance companies is ultimately passed on to consumers through higher premiums. The companies claim they need the high prices to pay for better medicines. But for every $1 they spend on basic research, they invest $19 in promotion and marketing. They also pay competitors to keep generic drugs out of the market, and have successfully lobbied Congress to keep Medicare from bargaining for lower drug prices.

Another proponent of the Agenda is to call for mass medication “prevention” programs, and claim they will improve the health of citizens. To mandate over 100 vaccines to be administered to all babies, children and adults, with those not abiding will be taken somewhere and given the shot there, or physically restrained in their own home. And to push heavy medication upon children and teens while their brains are still developing. It is also strongly advised that children get vaccinated starting at two months of age and that the recommended schedule be strictly followed. The pharmaceutical companies that come up with these vaccines promise they protect children against diseases that can cause serious illness, long-term disability and death. As of today, from birth to six years old we receive fourteen vaccination shots.

As of 2018, vaccine manufacturers, specifically Merck, shared in the over $85 billion of the “outsourced healthcare logistics market”. This is expected to grow to $105 billion by 2021. U.P.S. will dispatch nurses, and their security, to vaccinate adults in their homes. Each vaccine will target a viral illness of some kind. Coincidentally Merck supposedly already has vaccines for shingles, Hepatitis-B and the flu. And just like any other business plan they want to increase access to its medicines and vaccines, by boosting adult vaccination rates. Meanwhile in 2018, the US government paid $100 million for vaccine injuries and death. Since 1989 they have paid out in excess of $4 billion.

Not all vaccinations are bad, but they do disrupt and/or degrade our immune system. Though eating healthy balanced food builds a healthy immune system, few accomplish this today. And in our toxic world one needs an immune system. As it is people with allergies, infections, cancers, asthma attacks, suicide, anxiousness, depression and autism are all on the rise, with vaccine auto-immunity, causing chronic health problems. Why are babies given vaccines for Hepatitis-B, when it is picked up through unprotected sex and needle use? Then by the time they are teens they no longer have protection when they do become sexually active. For this, upon birth a baby is given 250 macro-grams of the neuro-toxin aluminum. The highest daily adult dosage is 50 macro-grams. In many places, children who are not vaccinated for Hepatitis-B are not being allowed to even attend school.

In a recent report where 3,345 cases were looked at, 715 of which were not vaccinated; there was only one case of autism. Another report showed that people who were on a vaccine-friendly plan (choosing certain vaccinations), out of every 440 patients, one was autistic. But the gospel according to The Center of Disease Control, which everyone obediently abides by, states there is one case of autism every 45 people not vaccinated. Yet in the 1980’s, medical students were not even taught about autism. Personally, growing up in a big city I never saw it. In the 1990’s it starting becoming an issue. Mostly because vaccinated kids are sicker than non-vaccinated kids. Meanwhile, polio has been eradicated, babies don’t need to be vaccinated to prevent Hep-B, and as far as the measles, mumps, and rubella go, they are.

Besides germs, the leading health risks of our species today are high blood pressure, chronic illness and pain, alcohol, smoking, injuries, mental health conditions, and bone and joint disease. Mostly because seriously, we haven’t had to run around each day hunting and gathering for quite some time. We are mostly dying from the things that come into contact with our skin, lungs, and whatever we put into our mouths and brains. With most of us dying from heart disease, cancer, especially to the lungs and large intestine, respiratory diseases, dementia, unintended accidents caused by not being aware and in the moment, stroke, diabetes, flu and pneumonia, kidney disease and suicide, which sums up our species perfectly.

As to life and death, the latest estimates figure the planet’s human population will be about 9.5 billion by the year 2050, and perhaps 11 billion by 2100. Studies also suggest that while Africa’s population will grow, Asia’s population will peak in about 2050 at about 5 billion and then decline, while North America, Europe and Latin America’s population will stay below one billion each. Almost 45 per cent of the growth will be concentrated in countries that are the least able to feed themselves – Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Currently two-thirds of the most malnourished people on Earth live in seven countries, and that over the next few generations there is going to be about one billion people born in these seven countries.

Today (Oct.2019) the world’s population is 7.7 billion people. This number is currently rising by over 130 million per year, about 10 million, per month. On the other hand nearly 60 million die every year. Over 48 per cent of them people over 70 years of age. And that 69 per cent of all deaths are from either our environment or what we ingest. Things like heart attacks and disease, cancers, respiratory and lower respiratory diseases, dementia, and digestive diseases. All the stuff corporations and our own consumption habits, have thrown at us. While the fears they instill in us, like drugs, alcohol, hepatitis, conflicts, terrorism, and natural disasters, are all less than one per cent of all deaths.

Any war certainly helps in more deaths and injury, which the US and the UK have gleefully provided. Ethnic cleansing also helps, and of course such events, as socialism in the 20th century, where Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China and the killing fields of Cambodia, killed around 100 million people. Or Rwanda in 1994. Rwanda is the biggest Catholic country in Africa, and the world. Some of their priests, nuns and bishops, by radio, TV and sermons, incited violence which killed in just 100 days, about 800,000 people. Slaughtered by ethnic Hutu extremists, who were targeting members of the minority Tutsi community, as well as their political opponents, irrespective of their ethnic origin. Neighbours killed neighbours and some husbands even killed their Tutsi wives, saying they would be killed if they refused. At the time, ID cards had people’s ethnic group on them, so militias simply set up roadblocks where Tutsis were slaughtered, often with the weapons of choice, machetes. Thousands of Tutsi women were taken away and kept as sex slaves.

Also in Africa, and although the continent is home to about 15.2 per cent of the world’s population, more than two-thirds of the total infected worldwide with HIV/AIDS (35 million people as of 2017), were Africans, of whom 15 million have already died. The problem with Africa is that the best prevention is of course safer sexual behaviour, and emphasizes the need for fidelity, fewer sexual partners, and a later age of sexual debut. All of which goes against many aspects of many African cultures. And of course since many of the African cultures are predominately Catholic, condoms are deemed evil. Which certainly doesn’t help, and deeply disturbing.

Then there is tobacco, which globally is the cause of one in five deaths annually. Over 7 million deaths a year. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. In Canada, 17 to 18 per cent of all deaths are attributed to cigarettes. And yet, obviously putting any ethics aside, the Canadian government through it’s Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and through work and private pension funds and RRSP’s (registered retirement savings plans), over $1 billion is directly invested in big tobacco companies, including 35 per cent of vaping company Juul, and $118 million in Japan Tobacco.

4. “Ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

And yes of course there is indeed untold numbers of incredible teachers out there, but the typical unfocused mediocre underfunded but union driven public education system, is about producing obedient workers rather than independent thinkers. By way of the development of a dumbed-down education system operating under international “Common Core” educational standards. Such a system was established by the globalists in the early 1950’s and is set up to meet the needs of the average student despite any individual differences with their classmates, within an instructional construct. It’s curriculum, where students are expected to excel at everything in the same way and rate as their classmates. It is standardized against the average through test scores, which is odd because there is no average. And while the very few are still able to skip grades, everyone now graduates, deservedly or not. As a system that made every effort to produce equal outcomes for different categories of people, it has failed miserably. So today, the progressives and their globalists handlers are only left with plain coercion to force equal outcomes at all costs. This can be seen throughout society.

The money that could fund a better public education system is used elsewhere, to more important matters such as arms manufacturing or subsidizing their monopoly on oil. Challenging and disciplined academic education on the other hand is being left to private education, and those who can afford it. Because only through individualized curriculum can the greatest number of students will be able to learn anything. Yet colleges and universities, have made billions, sending millions into sometimes life long debt, with a degree that doesn’t mean anything in the real world, though at the least gives the person a sense of identity. With many of the same schools trying to eradicate objectivity and free from bias, individualism, a belief in meritocracy, a political system in which economic goods and/or political power are vested in individual people on the basis of talent, effort, and achievement, rather than wealth or social class, and finally having a protestant work ethic. All these values are now deemed the root cause of bigotry, and represent what is now called “white privilege”. Indeed, the core curriculum of most education systems today, whether in public or private, grade school, college or university, is politically influenced at the least, but mostly by blatant political propaganda. The only course that may still be an exception is mathematics.

Current education systems are partly based on the globalist’s belief in Malthusianism. Related to the idea that population growth is potentially exponential while the growth of the food supply is linear, and that the planet’s greatest enemy is human creativity. So allowing humanity from developing their minds, critically thinking, and experimental learning, in order to make more discoveries and inventions which could offset the current, and future world’s crises’, must not be allowed. Malthusians believe that science should only be used to understand and guide the welfare of mankind. And is why by 1971, instead of funding the curiosity and discovery in atomic, medical and space sciences, the globalists began funding practical engineering projects, such as the humanities, monetary economics and social sciences.

In the public education system, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are disappearing. Mostly because these are hard things to do, they take work, discipline and focus. Many public school systems have become social clubs, where it’s all about participating and having fun, with as little stress as possible. For the vast majority, dancing, cooking, drama, school band, and sports have nothing to offer if one wants to apply for post-secondary programs, they are hobbies. Instead, teacher and former school board member Geoff Johnson, suggests maybe teaching science, civics, and history, which, after us baby boomers die off, will have already been completely rewritten anyways, with real history not to be spoken or else people might realize that they’d rather not repeat it. And to teach only an overview of math, especially algebra, which is all about thinking about numbers abstractly. Perhaps even courses on debating or public speaking, or economics, especially the dangers of illusory economics, and money management in a cashless society, debt and credit cards, what interest means, because it’s obvious many parents aren’t teaching such things anymore.

And yes a very few will have the dedication, work ethic and sacrifice what is required to be a world class athlete, artist, dancer, cook, lawyer or doctor, but the character of that person is already there or not. It doesn’t mean they are good people either, because success has never produced or developed character, it only expresses it. And that worthwhile achievement is its own reward.

The latest thing to drop out of the sky from those above, is the soon to arrive, Universal Child Day Care. They will then be able to start programming children before they even make it to kindergarten. Instead of just 13 years of kindergarten/elementary/high-school, they’ll now have one to two year old children for the next fifteen to sixteen years of their lives. Then when they are grown up and sufficiently indoctrinated in only one narrative, they will be no threat to the collective world order. The plan of course is to get people to chain themselves, by making them just smart enough to pay taxes, make them think voting actually means something, keep their head down, opinion to themselves, and that silence is golden. This is why the restructuring of the family unit has been going on for the past fifty years. Going after the family unit is the bedrock of the globalist’s plan, because family is the bedrock of civil life. For tens of thousands of years, it has been the smallest form of government. It is where children are taught how to become adults, and knowing both a mother’s love and a father’s, are taught about responsibility, respect, honesty, empathy for others, having a work ethic, love and forgiveness, and pride of one’s country or tribe. Thus family must be destroyed.

5.“Achieve gender equality”

By further dividing us as human beings. Criminalize Christianity, marginalize heterosexuals, and promote the very small minority of people, who are of the LBGTQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer) communities.

The erosion of protestant Christianity, not the Roman Catholic Church version, is happening because everything is now corrupt. Whether the globalists or governments, its all about power and nothing to do with ethics anymore. For ethics does not exist in nature, it was mostly taught to us humans through such things as Christianity. So it must be gone. Writer Brandon Smith, says so well, “The difference between Christianity and capitalist corporatism, is the latter only uses the symbolic and avoids the meaning. This allows culture to define morality, instead of scripture. They have taken the symbols of Christianity, especially family values, and removed its substance.”

Meanwhile about 1.7 per cent of people born will have emotional systems which will make them either gay men or lesbian women. This has been occurring over the history of our species. If one were to add bisexuality and transgender, which are both not biological but psychological, the current LBGTQ community in some Western countries is about 4.5 per cent of the population. Besides LBGTQ’s there are also now over seventy other genders, with each having its own unique pronoun. Such singular gender neutral third person pronouns must now be used when someone’s gender is unknown or when the person is neither male nor female. So instead of he/him/his or she/her/hers, and even if the person may look like a woman or a man, the politically correct pronouns to use now are, they/them/theirs, and to further confuse, zie/hir/ey/em or eir, among many others. In some countries, including Canada, calling someone the improper pronoun is considered hate speech.

To further achieve gender equality the goal is to shame anyone who expresses any male characteristics, especially if they are white. Because only male energy has the strength to rise up against tyranny and oppression and fight for human rights. This must be curtailed. The suppression of male energy is instrumental in keeping the herd docile. Then slowly feminize society, create widespread acceptance of gentle disobedience, share everything, and weaken any ideas of communal property. Many progressives look down on women who dress sexually, but will clap and cheer when trans-men wear the same thing.

While the well used adage, “a woman born into a man’s body or a man born into a woman’s body” is false, for human sexuality is binary. Gender identity on the other hand are thoughts and feelings of our emotional system that do not match with one’s assigned sex, which are not hard-wired within us, they are developed.

Both males and females develop two emotional systems, based on the chemistry going on in our bodies: the mirror neuron system (MNS) and the temporal-parietal junction system (TPJ). The MNS is responsible for emotional empathy for others, while the TPJ guides cognitive empathy and the ability to distance oneself from another person’s emotions by focusing analytically on solving a problem. Both sexes start their empathy process in the MNS, but the male brain often quickly switches over to the TPJ.

Sex is a question of biologically determined male and female, while gender is socially determined masculinity and femininity. There are three categories of biological human sex: male, female, and intersex. The vast majority of humans are born with male or female reproductive systems, secondary sexual characteristics, and chromosomal structure, and there is a very small segment born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the definitions of female or male anomalies of sex chromosomes, gonads, and/or anatomic sex. Gender meanwhile is the state of being either masculine or feminine, and is typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. Gender is fluid and based upon personal desire and sometimes surgery. Such determination of gender by the very few, now allows public financing for surgeries that destroys healthy tissue; and the use of potentially dangerous hormone/drug therapies, especially for children, while many a child’s gender is now determined by their parent, whether or not that child has a penis or a vagina.

Sadly, evidence suggests many of those who are having a hard time trying to figure out their gender, whether male or female, masculine or feminine, are also suffering from depression, with the suicide rate amongst themselves four times higher than the general population. All of which only further divides us as human beings.

As to the transgender movement, there are arguments being made today that it is an attempt to make it a civil right to have a mental illness, much like there is discussion lately that perhaps pedophilia should be listed as a sexual preference. And that perhaps it is acclimatizing the general public into familiarity for when we are interacting in our daily lives with AI machines. Who knows?

Yet, and also in reality, in most industrialized countries, rules, rights and laws are, and have been in place, where equality between the sexes should be no longer an issue. Everyone has the equal rights to make decisions on how they want to live their lives. Women rule over nations, and yield much influence and power working in government, and some become very successful in private business. As of 2019, the president, chairman and CEO of the largest arms manufacturers in the world, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, are women. Another one of the biggest, Northrop Grumman’s president/chairman is a women. The head of the CIA is a woman. As to the infamous “pay gap” between men and women. Bits of the data was selected and used, omitting, in nearly all cases, it was based on the fact that on average men work 42 hours per week, women on average work 32 hours per week. And on average men work riskier jobs, where the pay is higher, even for the women who also work such jobs.

Further to the differential qualities of men and women, brain scans, controlled studies, basic biology, chemistry, evolutionary psychology, and anthropology, all demonstrate that men and women are physically and mentally different. We absorb, process, and deliver information differently. And though we are all one consciousness but having different experiences, we also evolved with different priorities, and are immersed in different combinations of hormones. This leads to a varied interpretation and perception of reality, which is the root of the problems between male and female, within our families, and in the lives of our children. To remedy it, all one has to do is embrace the differences empathically, where equality only exists in compromising. Accept the reality that often and in many ways, men and women have pre-determined biological and psychological roles. Our differences are not always mutually exclusive, but we must face the fact that in some evolutionary way we complement each other so very much, and must not allow such a symbiotic nature of man and woman to be destroyed.

6. “Ensure availability and sustainability management of water and sanitation for all.”

Through privatization, allow a few corporations to become the “Water Division”. Free to seize and control the world’s water supplies and charge monopoly prices to build a new water delivery infrastructure that “ensures availability and sustainability”. Even if it means war with other countries to achieve. The monolithic corporation Nestle Foods, owns over 8,000 brands of water around the world. Such a new water delivery system has turned out to be the more than one million plastic water bottles humanity drinks each and every minute of each and every day. With less than 15 per cent of them actually recycled.

As it stands today, 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is water, of this, only two per cent is fresh groundwater, 99 per cent of which is not available fresh drinking water, but instead water that is stored in lakes, rivers, swamps, glaciers and ice sheets. The Antarctic ice sheet itself holds about 60 per cent of the Earth’s fresh water supply.

The minimum amount of water a human needs to survive in a moderate climate with average activity level is about five liters per day. The minimum amount of water needed for drinking, cooking, bathing and sanitation combined, is about 50 liters per day, per person, and as a general rule, each person should have safe drinking water available less than fifteen minutes away. But in many parts of the world these minimums are still not being reached, and in fact are declining, with the supply of these basic needs being the most affected by the planet’s changing climate and pollution.

The United Nations Environment Program, reports that 450 million people in 29 countries currently suffer from water shortages, and by 2025 an estimated 2.8 billion people (20 per cent of world’s population) will be living in areas that will have increasingly scarce water supplies. After 2050 it is predicted that perhaps 40 per cent of the world’s population will be living in areas of severe water shortage. Other estimates suggest that anywhere from 768 million to 3.5 billion people currently have no access to fresh water due to diminishing groundwater supplies, 2.5 billion live without decent sanitation, and over 4 billion are without wastewater disposal. At the same time over 20 per cent of the world’s aquifers are already over-exploited, further degrading the wetlands which purify water supplies.

Americans and Canadians use 250 to 350 liters of water per day per person for drinking, cooking, showering, washing, cleaning, flushing toilets and watering lawns. In the Netherlands, they use just over 100 liters per day, while in Gambia, in Africa, they use only 4.5 liters per day. Overall, half the 7.6 billion people on the planet use about 94 liters of water per day for all their needs. And while about 85 per cent of the fresh water that is available on the planet is used by only 12 per cent of the population of the world, more than 12 million people die each year from lack of water.

In June 2018, in Cape Town, South Africa (nearly half a million people), water rationing was set at 50 liters per person per day. The minimum amount a person needs per day. An average shower (8 minutes) uses about 65 liters of water, in Cape Town people are down to 90 second showers, with many skipping days in between. A typical load of laundry uses 150 L, while a dishwasher uses 22 L. It is also now illegal to water the gardens, wash the car and to top up one’s pool. But they are adapting, by designing such things as systems which takes a home’s “gray water”, the water from a shower or dishwater, and using it to flush their toilets. At the same time, in California, it is now against the law to shower and do laundry on the same day.

Other ways to control water consumption include voice activated wireless faucets, which will dispense whatever metered amount of water you tell it to. It will also be able to listen in to whatever is being said in that room. And voice activated “intelligent” toilets, which are hooked up to Amazon’s Alexa. This allows one to sit on the toilet and ask for the sports scores, weather update, news, traffic reports or perhaps a song. With Alexa listening in, one can personalize their defecating or urinating. Alexa will know the difference in other users voices, so whether spouse, child or friend they too can personalize the experience. The potential is there for a private company or program, to monitor how often the toilet is used and even what gets flushed.

Global fresh water is dwindling quickly, not so much from drinking, cleaning and cooking, but from growing food and industry. We whine about what a liter of gasoline costs, yet will pay a bit more for the same amount of water, about three cents worth, in a plastic bottle. As for our drinking water, multiple studies are finding that over 90 per cent of it, from sampled bottled water worldwide, are full of plastic particles and chemicals, including heavy metals, phthalates, pesticides, PCB’s, and other chemicals. Also included are the innumerable amounts of microfibers which wash off our mostly polyester clothes. A recent study took tap water samples across five continents and found synthetic microfibers in every sample – 94 per cent in the US. Many of which are linked in both animal and human studies to cause cancer, premature puberty, reduced immunity, birth defects, endocrine disruption, insulin resistance, and other major diseases.

Adapting to present and future water needs will mean designing rainwater catchment and grey water systems, desalination technologies and if able, increased use of well water, but only if groundwater table is not already polluted.

Then there is our waste. Of all the landfills in the world, the majority are made up of industrial waste, including wood, while the rest of the garbage is mostly household and personal consumption trash. Billions of kilograms of disposable diapers, cell phones, sandwich bags, pens, plastic packaging, Bic lighters, TVs, fridges and stoves, clothing, shoes, electronic parts, razor blades, pill bottles, rubber tires, etc, etc, etc. Nearly a third of the landfills in the developed world are of packaging material. With every $100 we spend, about $10 goes for packaging, which then gets trashed. And though many of the manufacturers try to emphasize the importance of recycling what they use, with many in the West believing they are making a difference in the world by sorting their jars, paper and plastic, less than 2 per cent is actually recycled of the total waste stream.

Worldwide, 1.2 kg of urban waste is produced per person per day. Producing the least waste are places like Ghana, .09 kg, and Uruguay, .11 kg (about three ounces). Though Canada’s urban waste rate is about 1.8 kg per person per day, overall it produces more garbage per capita than nearly every other country on the planet, except for Australia and the US.

The US stands alone at the top of the trash pile. With only 5 per cent of the humans on the planet, they somehow gobble up more than 25 per cent of the planet’s resources, and produce over 40 per cent of the planet’s waste. Which itself spews more than an estimated 3.3 trillion kg of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere every year. Over half of the 220 million tons of waste produced in the US each year ends up in one of over 4,000 landfills spread across the land, or barged to Asia, with over 10 million tons of the waste plastic. Of this, it is estimated that perhaps 5 per cent might get recycled. Americans also use over 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour of every day. And of the 400 million or so tons of hazardous waste produced each year globally, the US alone accounts for 250 million tons of it.

Further degradation of the atmosphere, oceans, waterways, ground water and soil comes from other modern waste, such as antibiotic, genetic engineering, military, nuclear, and nano-waste. We could also add in the pollutants of fake news and junk info that deny reality.

And because we can’t fit all our junk on this one planet, there are nearly a million pieces of debris orbiting the earth from the last 50 years of space exploration, satellite launching and manning the space station. About 35,000 of these pieces are larger than 10 cm.

7. “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.”

Ensuring such access, seems at odds with, as previously mentioned, the globalist environmental groups currently running campaigns to disrupt the flow of natural gas to certain countries, forcing these same countries to build more coal-fired plants, which emit twice as much carbon dioxide as natural gas plants. The globalists are also penalizing coal, natural gas, and oil companies through the cash grab called a Carbon Tax, and then they subsidize them to continue what they are doing. Just like they subsidize and push “green energy” companies, who are many times inept, and often go bankrupt in five years. Energy consumption quotas will be set on each living being and we will be punished and criminalized for “lifestyle decisions” Smart meters that notice when someone exceeds energy usage limits set by government. Total surveillance of individuals, in order to track and calculate energy consumption.

As to the globalist’s “Green New Deal”, it’s mostly all about our energy consumption. About 20 per cent of the global population, who happen to live in a developed, high-income country, consumes 86 per cent of the world’s goods. This doesn’t look good for the remaining 80 per cent of humanity; especially when such consumption was driven by corrupt corporations, who are now saying they’ll save us, and all we’ll have to do is give up our personal sovereignty. Such consumption is leaving a trail of waste, deforestation, energy disruptions, compromised fresh water sources, ocean acidification, and all sorts of other pollution. We should all realize such a threat, because the globalists do, and believe the remedy is to get rid of the source, we the people. And the waste and pollution we leave behind.

But some realities are not mentioned in the Green New Deal, such as none of the new renewable energy sources can easily be relied upon to produce enough energy in winter, especially in northern latitudes.

Hydroelectric is great, but is usually a spring dominated resource, and that most all the suitable locations around the globe are already jam-packed with dams, and heavily developed. And while winds tend to be variable year to year and month to month, wind energy is great in the winter months, but it is also dependent on the continuation of the present economy, to offset the high costs of the high-tech moving parts and technological maintenance to keep the blades turning. And the fact that the larger turbines need at least a 9 to 11 km per hour wind to get them moving. When winds reach 85 km per hour they must be shut down, because there is a limit to blade pitch adjustment, to safely deliver power to the grid.

Twenty-first century be damned. About three billion people still cook and heat their homes using wood-burning household fires and inefficient stoves. The typical cooking fire produces about 400 cigarettes’ worth of smoke an hour, and prolonged exposure is associated with respiratory infections, eye damage, heart and lung disease, and lung cancer. And besides, if the current global population had to do the same, whether burning wood or other parts of the biomass, the planet would soon enough be bald.

Solar panel installations meanwhile, don’t keep the lights on during a power outage or on a cloudy day, because if they don’t have battery backup, their supply of power goes to the grid, not directly to houses. Battery backup is an issue for all these renewable energies. A very costly enterprise, batteries are expensive, and tend to be used only for short time periods, on average, a three day storage level. While broken or discarded panels become toxic electronic waste. And along with damaged wind turbine blades, batteries and other pieces, much of it is unable to even be recycled; with any recycling so costly it will have to be subsidized.

To compensate for limited wind and solar power, especially over the winter months, and the still needed development in battery technology, there will still need to be underground storage for natural gas and connecting pipelines for use in the winter months, then not used for much of the year. With specialized maintenance and expertise in natural gas work expensive.

The thing is that whether, solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, and modern hydroelectric dams, all would not be possible without fossil fuels. Just like agriculture is also very dependent on fossil fuels. Currently over 80 per cent of global energy production comes from fossil fuels, seven per cent comes from (maxed out) hydroelectric power, two per cent from wind power, and one per cent from solar power. The Green New Deal’s credo is to ramp up wind and solar power from its current three per cent production level to over 90 per cent by the year 2030, and not use fossil fuels anymore.

Then there are facts. Since 1985, electricity’s share from all renewable energy sources, of total energy consumption, rises 0.37 per cent per year. Of the total energy consumption today, 43.4 per cent is electrical, from all sources. So continuing on with such a growth rate, it will take 153 years until the world economy can operate completely, using only electricity.

Today, around 25 per cent of world marketed energy consumption comes from renewable sources (biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind). It was estimated that by 2050, about 50 per cent of the world’s energy will come from solar and wind. In the US today, only 10 per cent of energy comes from renewable sources (mostly hydroelectric energy). Projections suggested that this will increase to 17 per cent by 2040.

The plan is to eliminate electricity for extended periods of time to further “keep us in the dark”, and like in California recently, “to quell forest fires”. Because of the fear of a spark erupting from under-maintained infrastructure and power-lines, the excuse. Black outs and grey outs will become the norm. And to further control electricity with smart meters and the use as surveillance devices. Having no choice in not having one. Appliances will talk to the meter, we will be instructed to wash at night, it will know how many people are at home, and what devices we use and when. If using more power than a neighbour, they will want to know why and notify you. Individual rights, personal and private will be compromised. Then there are the health concerns from wireless, as smart meters pulse out their information every 15 minutes. Easily hacked, it will know when you are home or not. Refuse hooking up one will be criminalized.

People who are experts on such things suggest that if the power went out in most Western countries, and never turned back on, after thirty days half the population would be dead. Within a year 80 to 90 per cent would be dead. All infrastructure, from sewers, bridges, roads, buildings, welfare, health care, social programs to even our own physical and mental health would quickly crumble. A critical issue that we take for granted, three days without fresh water we die. But the number one killer will be water-borne diseases, then either freezing or starving to death, dying from an accident, stupidity and ignorance, or because one is fat and/or out of shape. The trick would be to somehow at least preserve the purpose of law, not justice per se but a mechanism to solve disputes. Such ways can be highly imperfect, but it’s better than the alternative.

8. Promote sustained, inclusive, sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Regulate small business out of existence with government mandated minimum wages that will bankrupt huge sections of the economy. Currently, the jobs on the decline include mostly private industries in manufacturing, construction and natural resources. Jobs on the rise are within mostly ever expanding government controlled bureaucracies, such as education, health and social assistance. And though Canada, and the US, have the lowest unemployment rates in 40 years, the majority of job growth is in part-time employment, in many cases jobs where no experience is necessary. Which is a sore point for the concept of a guaranteed minimum wage, where small business’ especially, will have to pay a set minimum wage to someone no matter if that person brings anything of value or not, such as experience, showing up on time, having a good attitude, and willing to learn. And is why places like McDonald’s are switching to electronic “kiosks” instead of actual people. At the same time, relying on working at McDonald’s for “a living wage” is of course not the way to go if one wanted to raise a family.

The globalists are also forcing employers to meet hiring quotas of LGBTQ etc workers, just like the “affirmative action” plan for blacks. This where getting a job based on merit goes the way of the dodo bird. And of course, they are destroying free market economics by denying permits and licenses to companies who don’t comply. But support “chosen” private corporations with public funds for “sustainable development”.

They also got many believing that the wealthy and their corporations are job creators, so must not be taxed. They lie, the middle class and poor are the job-creators through their purchases of goods and services. If they don’t have enough purchasing power because they’re not paid enough, companies won’t create more jobs and economy won’t grow.

In 1965 a CEO of a company made twenty times more in income than a private-sector non-supervisory production worker. Today (2019) a CEO makes 300 per cent more. And in the same time frame most all the wealth created went right to the top. From 2007 to 2013, overall wealth increased over 26 per cent, while the average household lost 43 per cent of their wealth. In 2003 the inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical American household was nearly $88,000, just ten years later it was only $56,000. If this gap continues, it is estimated that over half of all US households will be bankrupt within the next decade. Since 2007/08 the US economy has lost 14 million jobs. During this time their population has grown by 17 million people.

Defining the world today very well, is the current global job market. The top employer on the planet is the US Department of Defence, with 3.2 million employees, 1.6 million of which are said to be active and reserve duty troops. Then China’s, People’s Liberation Army, with 2.3 million employed, all of whom are active duty troops. Next are Walmart, with 2.1 million employees and McDonalds, with 1.9 employees. Others in the top ten include the UK National Health Service, the China National Petroleum Corporation, the State Grid Corporation of China, India Railways, the Indian Armed Forces, and the Hon Han Precision Factory (Foxconn), all with more than 1.3 million employees each. Foxconn is the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer and the fourth-largest information technology company by revenue. It is also the assembler of Apple’s I-Phone, one of the most addicting drugs in the world..

The US prison industrial complex is the country’s third largest employer. And because of over-regulation and the criminalization of debt, a market was created by the simple act of keeping a person locked up in a cell, often for minor offences that carry stiff penalties, which often can’t be paid, or unwarranted sentences, and in many cases zero tolerance. Often such prison’s employees are high-school educated men and women with no other options in the small town they reside in. With the actual prison often the biggest employer in the county. And that the majority of those doing time are black, because the majority of them have grown up without a father, so the local gang leader often stepped into that role.

As to the economy, the globalists, through their central banks, plan on funding their Agendas by using such concepts as Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Neither modern nor a theory, MMT is the printing of money to create unlimited amounts of real wealth, with rates of exchanges between money and goods and services to be set by a central body, bypassing market demand. But there are limits to the amount of real resources that you can extract through seigniorage, the difference between the value of money and the cost to produce and distribute it.

The globalists believe that this means they can never go broke, ignoring the fates of the Roman Empire, Weimar Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and more recently Zimbabwe and Venezuela, among others. Their downfalls were caused by hyperinflation. Also, as the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and North Korea proved, any inefficient use of resources leads only to economic impoverishment. Unable to feed their people and nearly impossible to gain any traction for development.

While Keynesian’s believe in increased government spending during recessionary times, but calls for government restraint in a rapidly growing economy. Which prevents the increase in demand that spurs inflation, and forces the government to cut deficits and save for the next down cycle in the economy. The globalists don’t worry about debt, they believe only government spending creates goods and services, and that taxation drains any excess liquidity and controls inflation. The International Money Fund and World Bank meanwhile pride themselves in their “austerity programs”, which have impoverished millions, and even bringing down developed nations. Such austerity measures hide behind the slogan “social equity”.

Under MMT there is also the jobs guarantee, where anybody who wants a job would be guaranteed to have one, at a living wage, by the government. MMT is the sovereign-friendly justification for deficit spending without end. It allows globalist controlled governments to bribe the populace to keep voting for them, and to fund one or another of their incessant wars from an inexhaustible supply of credit or funding.

Meanwhile the stock market is a blatantly riggedwealth extraction operation”. Other rigging operations include high frequency trading, dark pools, Quantitative Easing (QE) and the Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), which gives interest free money to a select handful of “primary dealers”, post hoc rationalization of political expediency, and power-expanding action.

The globalist’s Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing (QE) program, under the guise of stimulating job growth, recently used QE to create US$4 trillion out of thin air. Most of the $4 trillion created went to the richest .01 per cent of the population who already had $21 trillion in unused wealth. In reality, QE is a massive welfare program for the mega-wealthy. With that $4 trillion, the Federal Reserve could have instead given every non-millionaire US household $40,000, or they could have given around 114 million Americans $35,000 each. The remaining two hundred million people would be out of luck.

If QE went to the American people, poverty would undoubtedly be eliminated, with every person over the age of 18 be given a guaranteed living income. Instead, in many developed nations the majority of the populations are living in a neo-feudal society, where instead of the indentured servant we are now indebted wage slaves. The globalist’s centrally planned economic policy and government legislation are designed to keep the population economically insecure, subservient and enslaved in debt. Using their ownership of mainstream media companies to keep us ignorant and unaware.

All the while, liberal democracy, protectionism with free trade, and authoritarianism are starting to mean the same thing, while most other pressing issues of today are ignored by way of distraction. Much like the reality that many industrialized countries today are “hovering between status quo and authoritarianism, and are no longer distinguishable from their apparent enemies”.

Some even believe that the increase in the value of newly produced goods and services, and the ideology of capitalism, have created an environment that is responsible for improvements in a person’s well being. This is what has been instilled into our brains. But since the 1970’s, the pursuit of happiness has simply morphed into the “pursuit of affluence”.

Many factors create changes to one’s quality of life, including economic equality. And all is not equal. An economic system whether capitalism or communism, has nothing to do with the quality of our lives. Consider that the majority of lottery winners are broke within a few years. And further in debt than they were before they had won. But then with money, it depends on where you live, what money means to you, and how you were taught to manage it. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that, one of the most important drivers of one’s living standards, opportunities, education and the ability to create wealth, are determined at birth, and to what family one is born into.

9. “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.”

Instead of building new infrastructure, we are mostly repairing old infrastructure that’s been neglected for fifty years. With most such infrastructure projects over budget to build, then an endless stream of cost over-runs to be paid for faulty construction, design and materials, break-downs, and ever ongoing maintenance. Previously mentioned, The globalists use the World Bank and the IMF to put countries into extreme debt, by spending money to hire corrupt corporations to build large scale infrastructure projects that ensnares developing countries into further debt.

Further to infrastructure, I have always found it odd that China has built more than 30,000 kilometers of high-speed rail over the last decade. That Japan’s bullet trains can reach nearly 320 kilometers per hour and date to the 1960s, and have moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger casualty. And that France began service of their high-speed train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed. Yet in the US there is no true high-speed train service, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast Corridor, where it reaches 240 kilometers per hour for only 55 kilometers of its 735 kilometer span. Its average speed between New York and Boston is about 104 kph. There is a high-speed rail system under construction in California, but whether it will ever get completed as intended is uncertain. The second largest country in the world, Canada, is the only G7 country that does not have high-speed rail.

As for fostering innovation (see education) the globalists will soon control all patents, and will punish the rich, entrepreneurs and innovators, and confiscate nearly all the gains of those who choose to work hard and excel, then redistribute to the masses of non-working and unemployed.

10. “Reduce inequality within and among countries.”

When I coached midget (15 to 17 years old) hockey, I saw the time when I was no longer allowed to give out an MVP award, or most dedicated player. Instead everyone had to get a medal, to protect their self esteem. No more patting players on the butt or touching them. In the dressing room there had to be two adults, never just one. The players confused because they were being told it’s not about winning anymore. And if it wasn’t, why do we still keep score and why bother with competition. Maybe that’s the globalist’s point.

The globalist’s ideal is “equality of outcome” over “equality of opportunity”. The latter is where we all begin life like we are all standing on a start line. Ahead of us is our lives and what we want to do with them. And how we want to live them. Then a starter’s pistol goes off. Some never make it to a standing position, some may lie down, and some may sit. The rest run forward, and some walk. Some get pushed aside, some are attacked, and some even die. Some tire out, get sick or break down. Some slowly walk forward constantly looking over their shoulder, some have stopped and turned around staring back from hence they came. Many fall, some get right back up. For many, their individual lives within their environment prevents them from getting ahead, some don’t care, and simply hold out their hand. And some strive, survive, keep their morals, empathy, and integrity intact, are disciplined, and work hard, and who are most often those who achieve what it is that strive to be. Their success is their reward, and should be rightfully earned, though sometimes it is not.

Equality of outcome on the other hand, is where we begin life standing on the same starting line, a bell gets rung and everything mentioned above happens to the same number of people. The race to achievement, worth and personal development is still on, whether the achievement means, fame, fortune, or self-awareness. The same articles of human conduct apply, but this time when everyone nears their end, everyone gets the same reward. No matter what they did to get there, deserved or not.

As for reducing inequality among countries, this means no borders, so that trade can move cheaply, and large groups of unskilled workers can be moved around to where needed. It would be open season for the growth of trafficking of all things, whether children or drugs.

And though it may be politically correct to say that “diversity is strength”, a recent study out of Denmark, meta-analyzed 1,001 estimates from 87 other studies and found that in actual fact, there is a “significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust.” Even when controlling for deprivation. Basically, it found, what has perhaps always been the case throughout human history, that mass immigration by those unwilling to assimilate into a new culture erodes community trust and harms society.

11.Make cities and their suburbs inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.”

Criminalize living in most rural areas by instituting “protected areas” where no people will be allowed to go. Force all people into mega-cities where they can be kept under 24/7 surveillance, and easier to manipulate and control. Any growth outside such a region, not allowed. A private farmer would be unable to get goods to market because he couldn’t afford the costs, surcharges, regulation bureaucracy, and taxes to do so. The farmer’s energy will be well monitored and severely restricted, with the share of most all services, including school services and medical clinics eventually cut. Only option will be to move into high density development regions.

City centers will be populated by a vast government employed populace, whether banking, surveillance, intelligence or management. Any land outside such civic or regional centers will be owned by the government. Surrounding such centers will be the vast majority, living in crates piled on top of each other, compressed into towers, lining transportation routes into the city center. With most everyone massively government dependant. Streets lined with smart lampposts, each able to send its signals by wireless. Topped off with cameras, listening devices and censors for the collection of air quality, traffic, and weather data, and of course for monitoring, we the public. Our lives determined by algorithms, with a person’s bio-metrics, home, health, and habits, all monitored and regulated. Facial recognition programs track us based on what we buy, where we go, what we say, text, tweet, e-mail and what we do in public. It was estimated that currently, about half the population of both Canada and the US have their image “on file”. Then there’s the surveillance complex and their monolithic data collecting agencies. A hundreds of billions of dollars industry, where everyone in the populace here and abroad, are deemed suspect, and monitored, regulated, tracked and spied on. Such data agencies have compiled lists of those deemed threats to “national security”, so that in times of national emergency or under martial law, such individuals, whether they are or not, will be rounded up and incarcerated. Can’t imagine how many are on such lists today, but in 2008, there were already more than 8 million Americans on the lists.

Ban all gun ownership by private citizens. Only ones to have them obedient enforcers ruling over an unarmed, enslaved class of impoverished workers, with or without a universal basic income, consisting of a dumbed down, never questioning population, all following only one narrative. Making the cities safe by taking away the population’s freedom.

Get rid of cars and create walk-able cities in designated regions. Penalize car owners and eventually ban vehicle ownership. Any cars will be self-driven and strictly monopolized. Force everyone onto public transit where facial recognition cameras can monitor you better, and report the movement of any person in society. Put bike lanes in everywhere whether to be used or not, and paint crosswalks in rainbow colors. As for small electric cars, they are currently only available to those who can afford them. If everyone had one we’d see our electrical energy usage spike each night while everyone charged their car. Much like if we all installed yet another air conditioner. But if they ever were able to replace fossil fuel cars all together, then there would no longer be a gas tax, which pays to take care of roads and its infrastructure. As it is, cars will soon have smart odometers, and we will be taxed by mileage, to achieve “sustainability”.

12. “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.”

Levy punitive taxes on consumption of fossil fuels and electricity, causing standards of living to drop to Third world levels. Control the narrative, running campaigns on TV, movies and social media to shame people who use gasoline, water or electricity, creating a social construct of ninnies, social justice warriors and tattlers, people who rat out their neighbours in exchange for food credit rewards, a pat on the back, and even a hug that they no doubt never got.

Globally, as already mentioned, about 20 per cent of humanity who happen to live in a developed, high-income country consumes 86 per cent of the world’s goods. At the same time, over 30 per cent of the world’s population who live in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa consume only 3.2 per cent of the world’s total. The poorest countries in the world account for only 1.3 per cent of all spending. The richest 20 per cent of the world consume 45 per cent of all meat and fish of the planet’s supply, the bottom 20 per cent consume 5 per cent. The top 20 per cent, also use up over 58 per cent of the total energy produced, the poorest use less than 4 per cent. They consume more than 84 per cent of all paper, the bottom a mere 1.1 per cent. They also own over 87 per cent of the world’s vehicle fleet, while the bottom 20 per cent own less than 1 per cent.

The US alone uses up a third of the world’s paper, a quarter of its oil, over a quarter of the coal, and nearly 30 per cent of the aluminum. America’s per capita use of energy, metals, minerals, forest products, fish, grains, meat and yes, even fresh water, rises to a monolith compared to people living in the developing world. In fact, one American consumes as much energy as seven hundred Africans. They have attained this not by being smart but by stomping around the planet destabilizing the ability of independent states to exist and protect their own resources from being plundered, by military means, often by the art of coup, and replacing elected leadership with obedient tyrants.

Fueling global consumption, the world’s 3,000 biggest corporations cause about half of all environmental damage, and about one-third of their profits. Any other profits go to a few CEO’s and speculators, even though current external costs now total $7.3 trillion a year. To counterbalance this discrepancy, the global fossil fuel industry is conveniently subsidized by respective governments to the tune of $5.6 trillion a year, using tax payer dollars.

13. “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.”

But first we must recognize who is affecting the climate the most. And take the word urgent out of the above sentence. It is true that 10 per cent of the world’s population who are responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions live in North America, because of their consumption habits, not their numbers. While the two biggest economies in the world China and the US are producing the most greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide. It’s interesting that according to most of the studies, surveys, and polls that have been taken around the world over the years, the consumers of these two countries are also found to be the least concerned about carbon emissions. The silent majority remain silent, cloaked in cognitive dissonance. But then, the biggest impacts upon this planet are not because of greenhouse gases. If it was, we could combat climate change fairly quickly.

You want to better the planet and avoid future climate disruption, and much civil unrest, start with the Orwellian-named, US Department of Defence. Per capita it is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere today, by far. It is also the largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels (mostly petroleum) in the world, more than any other country. Its air force alone consumes over 60 per cent of it, about 11 trillion liters. An F16 jet-fighter (nearly $18 million to build) consumes over 11,000 liters of jet-fuel an hour. An M1 Abrams battle tank, burns over 220 liters an hour, getting about 250 meters per liter. And of course they are also the world’s greatest terrorist state and threat to world peace, with 10 aircraft-carrier battle groups, and over 900 U.S. military bases, installations and facilities around the globe, which are nearly all toxic, radioactive, polluting, and immoral cesspools. In fact many of their bases consistently rank among some of the most polluted places in the world. The US produces more hazardous waste than the five largest chemical companies combined. Whether depleted uranium, oil, jet fuel, pesticides, defoliants or lead. They are currently polluting more than 140 countries. On a side note, the US Navy is planning (Nov/2019) to release 20,000 tons of “environmental stressors”, including heavy metals and explosives, at sea, off their Pacific Northwest coastline.

The globalists are trying to speed up the process of culling the global population down to a level where further geo-engineering and the greater use of renewable energies will allow CO2 levels to drop, allowing the Earth’s atmosphere return to natural rhythms. With their agenda including further enhancing any effects of climate change attributed to CO2 emissions, through geo-engineering projects such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Started up in 1993, HAARP is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is being used for either electromagnetic warfare capabilities or weather modification. Especially using sky’s seeded with conductive aerosols, such as aluminum, barium, and strontium, by way of “chem-trails” which manipulates the jet stream. If HAARP is also electromagnetic capable, it could create such things as wildfires, hurricanes, drought, flooding and perhaps even earthquakes. Perhaps a way to get people off the land, whether homesteader, farmer, rancher or villager, by corporations who will pay out the insurance money, then buy the land for a far better price. With the people then having to move to a city or its suburb.

Credited non biased researchers have recently concluded that the adaption to unavoidable consequences of climate disruption, and to prevent the crises from worsening in the coming decades, over $2 trillion should be invested over the next ten years, which would create early-warning systems, climate-resilient infrastructure, improved agriculture crop production, global mangrove/wetlands protection, and investing in making available and limited water resources more resilient. The only problem in the equation the globalists see is that the population must be lowered, which would lower the stress on the planet’s available resources and environment.

It’s interesting that a few trillion dollars would be enough, along with further adaptation and innovation, to get climate disruption at the least, from worsening, yet the globalist backed progressive democratic socialists in the US, if elected, want to somehow come up with over $20 trillion over the same next ten years, so that every American has health care.

14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and marine resources for “sustainable development”.

Ban most all ocean fishing, causing runaway food price inflation. Criminalize the operation of private fishing vessels, and place all ocean fishing operations under the control of government. Only allow certain corporations to carry out ocean fishing operations, under government contract, with product sold to an elite market. Such decisions will be based on how much a corporation donates to lawmaker’s campaigns. All other fish to be farmed in stagnate and nasty conditions, infused in a soup of hormones, fish-feed, waste, anti-bacteria, and chemicals.

Along with more than one-third of the world’s total grain output, one-third of the world’s fish catch is also fed to livestock. Of the world’s fish catch, 90 per cent of the largest fish in the oceans, including tuna, cod, shark, marlin, swordfish, and halibut are already gone, just in the last 50 years.

Consider salmon stocks continuing to drastically drop. Climate change is a very small contributing factor but is used so we don’t have to point the finger so much at ourselves. The problems include degradation of their habitat, hatchery fish have complicated genes, too high fish harvest limits for way too long, dams with no upstream or downstream passage, pollution, ocean plastics, warming oceans, and dead zones of ocean acidification.

According to a recent study, if things carry on as they are, by 2025 the oceans are expected to contain about one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Chew on that for awhile.

It is estimated that about 150 million tons of plastic debris currently floats around the seven seas. Much of it takes hundreds of years to break down back to its base, tiny plastic nodules. These beady little pellets are less than one micron in diameter, about the diameter of a bacterium. Comparatively, spider web silk is about three to eight microns, a single human hair averages between ten and two hundred microns. These oil-based plastic nodules, as well as the previously mentioned micro-fibers, are used in everything from toothpaste to cosmetics, shampoo, soap, and aspirin. Such nodules and fibers are also what such things as socks, shoes, bed-sheets, acrylic, polyester, latex, cotton or wool blends, are made up of. And are all things which we wash on a regular basis.

While the larger pieces of plastic kill thousands of the largest animals, like the sea lion, seals, turtles and birds. The micro-plastics nodules, can absorb certain pollutants, and are easily ingested by many water species, including fish and shellfish. Millions of sea creatures are affected by consuming plastic. With many, eventually ending up on our dinner plate, and what we don’t eat gets thrown out in a plastic bag, another lion king circle of life sort of thing.

Recently, a young blue whale washed up on a Spanish beach. An autopsy deemed it died from peritonitis, basically an infection of the inner lining of the stomach, as it was unable to digest or excrete the over 29 kilograms of plastic found within its digestive system.

From 1950 to 1999, plastic production rose 20,000 per cent. In the first 10 years of the 21st century, more plastic was produced than in all of the last century. This includes the over 70 billion plastic bottles and one trillion plastic bags that are produced each year globally. Currently about 300 million tons of plastic is produced yearly. About half of which is for single use packaging.

When such plastic, chemical sludge and other debris end up in the oceans, currently at the rate of one dump truck dumping its load every minute, it creates such things as trash vortexes in the oceans. Plastic debris comes mostly from Asia and Africa, while the Western countries’ obedient citizens at least attempt to recycle their jars, cans, plastic and paper, nearly shamed into doing so.

15. “Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of land ecosystems, and to sustainably manage forests. To combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation. Halt biodiversity loss.”

Meanwhile, since 2016 over 50 per cent of total global forest loss happened in only three countries, Brazil, Canada, and Russia. Romania lost all its intact forests. Madagascar has lost over 90 per cent, Paraguay 79 per cent. Current estimates suggest Paraguay, Laos, Cambodia and Equatorial Guinea will lose all their forests within the next twenty years. Even the rich, vast northern forests of Canada, has lost or altered over half of its forest cover. British Columbia doesn’t even do anything with the forests they are cutting down; they simply export the tree intact, de-limbed, but bark still on her, to Asia.

Overall and everywhere, logging is the principal devourer of forests, with cattle ranching and commercial agriculture a close second. Fires linked to human action accounted for 21 per cent of the loss, with mineral exploitation taking its fair share. West Africa’s coastal rain forests have nearly all but disappeared since 1900. Because of air currents, if all the African rain forests were to vanish, rainfall in the Gulf of Mexico, the Ukraine, and Southern Europe, would drop drastically.

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia alone deforests one million hectares a year. Brazil has lost about 95 per cent of its coastal forest, and much of its 60 per cent share of the Amazon basin, with their government declaring their deforestation addiction a national emergency. The biggest chunk of rain forest remaining is still the Amazon basin. Now only covering about four million sq km, it represents over half of the planet’s remaining rain forests. It is the largest and most diverse rain forest on the planet. Besides many other living species, it has been estimated that the Amazon forest still has 390 billion individual trees, of 16,000 different species. Twenty per cent of the Amazon forest has already been clear cut, another twenty per cent is close to being gone. Of the remaining forests, over 90 per cent are now being affected by forest degradation. It is estimated that if conditions persist, by 2030, there will only be about 20 per cent of the Amazon forests remaining, with half of it in a degraded condition. In fact, one tenth of all global carbon emissions today are coming from the clearing of land and accompanying fires in the Amazon forest.

For the quickly disappearing Amazon basin, its future climate is already here. As it loses its tree cover rainfall in parts of the US Midwest, Northwest, and in most of their Southern states, will drop significantly, and already is. By 2050 it is estimated that all tropical forests will be gone from the Earth. Such land degradation, besides causing more flooding and water run-off, is also the root cause of most socioeconomic problems in many of the developing countries. But the madness of deforestation for profit continues unabated.

To “combat” this the globalists plan, as already mentioned, is to force people to move into human settlement zones, urban/mega-cities. There we will be put into 28 square meter (3 by 9 meter) urban modular housing units, predominately stacked on top of each other. Mass resettlement as people are forced to vacate where they live, and abolition of all private property . Create vast wilderness spaces, for future use. Criminalize private land ownership. Tightly control all agriculture and agricultural tracts, including ranches, by policies dictated by Monsanto/Bayer and government regulators. Regulate every input that a farmer uses. Nationalize farms.

Ban wood stoves, rainwater collection and home gardening. Criminalize self-reliance, and force total dependence on government. Can’t have people living off the grid and living in “protective forests”. Allow no private ownership, no private land, and stop allowing people from doing what they want to the land/property they do own. Using “Sensitive lands” laws, your private property overlay and public property can be taken away at any time. Whether a copse of Garry Oak trees, or a stream running through or under your property, or your back yard is an animal crossing, lands will be seized without compensation and dedicated forever to protection. Often, without you even knowing.

All zoning laws and bio-diversity areas will be mapped out. Here in British Columbia, there are many whose main residence is either in another province or country, who also own a home or condo here. The majority, especially those with single dwelling homes, spend months here. That’s why they bought here. They shop, furnish their home, garden, get their car fixed, go to Home Depot every weekend, dine, contribute to the community and carry on as if they live here, which they do. They know and are friends with their neighbours. But now, such owners have to pay a two per cent speculation tax, if they do not live in their home at least six months out of the year. If it’s less time one is now required to rent the place out. Even though many of these foreign and domestic owned homes/condos are on the higher end of the scale for renter availability. The working poor, unemployed, homeless, student or single mom with children certainly won’t be able to afford the rent. Especially when you’d have to move out for some months while the owners live there. And who’s furniture and artwork on the walls is it. So what sort of diversity are we talking about here exactly.

And finally how can there be private ownership of property or a home, when for often the vaguest of reasons, government agents dressed for war in black, can break down your front door, shoot your, of course, growling dog, destroy your furnishings, and terrorize your family. And if you can be fined for growing vegetables on your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels, or not, raising chickens in your back yard and having your kids run a lemonade stand out front you are obviously not secure in your home or owner of your property.

16. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, private access to justice for all and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels”. The scariest line in the Agenda.

Once again, everyone herded into mega-cities. Where theoretically, if any dissidence occurs we could all be sprayed down if needed.

One of the other many ways is granting legal immunity to illegal aliens and “protected minority groups”. As well as medical care and whatever else they need, and eventually their vote. This will free some of them to maybe engage in illegal and even immoral activity, because they are now entitled as a “protected class” in society. And because of “diversity”, they no longer have to assimilate into the general population. Just look at what is happening to Sweden and the UK. As to the “inclusive institutions”, this means that corporations who hire illegal aliens, the LGBTQ etc, community, and other protected classes, over merit, will be given favourable tax structures and government grants. And though many are walking around saying “Hello. I am special”, policy decisions will favor the “common good” (the herd) over individuals. With the ends justifying the means. The moral principle of the ends can never justify the means will become a myth.

As for law, which often has nothing to do with justice, use revenue, tax and other federal agencies to selectively punish unfavourable groups with punitive audits, and regulatory harassment. All the while ignoring the criminal activities of those corporations favoured by the government. Because the elites have no problem that everyone be allowed to be treated the same before the law and enjoy the same rights as other citizens, except of course for the elite. In reality there is a two-tiered law system. But really no one is more in favour of equal rights and abolition of social privileges than the elite, since they have no need for social privilege since they control the real power, money. Further, they’d rather remove due process, especially since the majority of those being incarcerated are unable to have proper representation as it is, nor can afford to submit any sort of defence. Get it into the mainstream media and one can be convicted not by a jury but a biased public opinion. Then the government will destroy you because you are no match for the funds they can spend. Without even being proven guilty by a court of law, you can be destroyed financially, lose your family, friends, all your possessions and livelihood. With many then putting a gun in their mouths and pulling the trigger.

Over-regulate everything. In many western countries, especially the US and Canada, the typical person goes through each day breaking at least three laws, that we aren’t even aware of. And we are beyond simply thinking someone is doing wrong that law enforcement can give a good enough excuse for a warrant to bug someones phone. “It’s no longer based on the traditional practice of targeted taps based on some individual suspicion of wrongdoing. It covers phone calls, emails, texts, search history, what you buy, who your friends are, where you go, who you love.”

17. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

By way of enacting global trade mandates that over-ride individual national, state or province, and local laws. Grant unrestricted powers to corporations such as Monsanto, Dow Chemical, RJ Reynolds, Coca Cola, and Merck. Enact laws where a town or province can be sued if they “effect the profit making ability of such entities”. Pass global trade agreements that bypass a nation’s lawmakers and override intellectual property laws, to make the world’s most powerful corporations maintain total monopolies over drugs, seeds, fresh water, chemicals and technology. Nullify national laws and demand total global obedience to trade agreements authored by an unelected world body and rubber stamped by the US. Implement policies meant to incentivize a reduced population, through vaccinations, health care, and reproductive services, like pharmaceuticals, and abortion, genetically modified food, fluoride, and radiation manufactured diseases.

A major piece of the plan also includes the insidiously modern technology, called 5G (fifth generation cellular network technology). All things will become a part of the web, including ourselves. To explain, humans possess only four basic emotions, arousal, pleasant, unpleasant, and calm. And since we are electromagnetic and electrical organisms, with even our cells and cell structures communicating electrically, these basic emotions operate on their own separate frequency. Though unable to travel through solid objects, such frequencies are felt when we interact with one another. They are the vibes we get from one another, whether it’s romance in the air, or the undertone of unease and danger, “cutting the air in the room with a knife”. The frequencies are also based on our five physical sensors: of taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell, which along with the senses of balance, pain, hunger, thirst, and temperature contributes to our experience of our surroundings, but which only shows us a three-dimensional universe. Our behaviour on the other hand will come from inherited traits, while our perceptions of things, comes from information received, experiences, and our consciousness. When such fields are in balance we are healthy, when they are not, we experience disease – physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. 5G technologies can manipulate these frequencies, and destabilize their distributions, to induce feelings of arousal, conviviality, meanness, friendliness, anger, and even experience extreme pain, without our awareness. Indeed, 5G technology initially was developed to be used as crowd control weapons, where when used can either make a crowd feel like their skin is on fire, or everyone is crying and in need of a hug. The technology is also what’s behind the body scanners at airports, introduced two years ago, and the now rising cases of cancers among those employees who spend their shift operating such machines.

The previous four generations of cellular transmitters used between one to five gigahertz (GHz), 5G on the other hand operates from 24 to 90 GHz and uses millimeter waves, not cellular. These waves have a shorter range than microwaves so their antennas will have to be everywhere. A typical urban street will have to have them atop every fourth or so light pole. The 5G waves also cannot travel through solid objects, such as trees, so in many urban areas they will have to be the first to go.

And though scientific studies are not yet written, because of it being so new and overall effects are still unknown, according to reports already coming out, there are cases of both people and insects alike getting sick due to nearby 5G towers is already on the rise. But more importantly we will have quicker internet.

Even scarier is the recent reports where scientists, and because we are electrical beings like every other living thing, now have the ability to predict our choices before we are consciously aware of them, and can translate our thoughts into speech. One all encompassing net/grid/matrix, is the goal. With the end game, to connect the human brain to artificial intelligence (AI) and through such a matrix, control our emotional perceptions by the information coming from AI.

Control the digital grid is all important. In India where 60 per cent of the population lives under the poverty line, over a billion people are bio-metrically profiled. Data includes fingerprints, iris scans, and facial recognition programs. In Russia all digital data, phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter is now recorded. Online, any blogger who has over 3,000 followers is put on file with the government, and is not allowed to remain anonymous. In China, they have the ultimate control system where each person has a social credit score attached to them until they die. Few people can afford to be “blacklisted” while every action they make is tracked and rated for acceptance or consequence. No one dares to do anything outside of collective norms for fear they would be interpreted as socially negative. This is also happening in most of the Western world. One must always be politically correct, all follow the same narrative, and not to upset others or the government.

The control of the narrative is all important. The globalists and their presstitutes at the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, BBC, CBC, NPR, and all the rest in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, learned their craft from Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Most importantly the globalists are relying on manufacturing consent through the media. Starting with the ownership of the media by corporations, where it’s all about profit and the push for profit by whatever it takes. Whether getting advertising money by selling advertisers customers, or creating customers to become consumers and not citizens, and who are able to be swoon one way or another, with no basis if it is true or not. Doing this by using the our emotions to get us to purchase what we are programmed to believe that we need. The media elite provide the complicity.

In conclusion, the globalist’s agenda is for sustainability, stability, and security, of themselves. In reality there is presently more than enough wealth and capabilities to solve both societal and climate problems. We live in the most wealthy and technologically advanced society in the history of civilization. People should not have to struggle and be buried in debt to get basic necessities and live a healthy life. But the globalist elite want the goal to be centralization. To use “saving the environment”, which they are destroying (disaster capitalism), to justify the industrialization and end of democracy.

The dilemma the globalists have is either somehow lower the population or simply program us, and get us all crammed into huge regional capitals. I think they’ve been doing both. Control of the land, natural resources, and entire populations. To control air through carbon emission regulations, the ground by sustainable development and the sea through environmental regulations. A comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally, by organizations of the UN system, governments, and major groups in every area which humans impact the environment. State management of all Eco-systems, all land, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans, agriculture, bio-technology, food and fresh water, ensuring equity equals slavery. This is mostly happening at the local level, so question town representatives, and explain the facts of what they are blindly teaching. And hope they see the light.

Of the 7.7 billion residents on the planet 5 billion of us have a mobile device, half (over 2.5 billion) are smartphones. Meanwhile, The Internet of Things (from traffic lights to fridges phones and tablets) is expected to grow to around 20.4 billion devices by 2020, and use of cloud services will grow as well. Of these billions, about 73 per cent of people who misplace their phone experience a mild to severe state of panic until it’s found. But then the average adult today spends 2 to 4 hours a day on their phone, swiping and touching it, sometimes even feeling our phones vibrating in our pockets when they aren’t even there. Our phones are a surveillance and tracking device that governments and corporations can exploit anytime they wish. Even creating our relationships, including building up illusions of friendship and intimacy. Making us all dopamine addicts.

Dopamine is a chemical produced by our brains that plays a huge role in motivating our behaviour. It gets released when we take a bite of delicious food, when we have sex, after we exercise, and, importantly, when we have successful social interactions. “I feel tremendous guilt,” admitted Chamath Palihapitiya, former Vice President of User Growth at Facebook, to an audience of Stanford students. He was responding to a question about his involvement in exploiting consumer behaviour. “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works,” he explained. He highlighted that smartphones and social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram leverage the very same neural circuitry used by slot machines and cocaine to keep us using their products as much as possible.

As for technology saving us, maybe. But the advancements in the world of machines do not necessarily mean advancements in the world of people. Dependence upon digital devices, makes our lives more convenient and comfortable, but in reality only enslaves us. So entranced with a screen and the dopamine rushes it gives. Some will say that our society has simply become more convenient and more comfortable with the digital age, which they feel is a positive. Others are afraid of the social changes that come with the globalization that the digital age brings. Others believe that centralization and dependency are “natural” extensions of man’s evolution and inevitable. and so we should embrace it. While the Futurists, a subculture of drum-beaters believe that all old ideas and ways of living are obsolete and must be thrown out to make way for all new ideas and ways of living. That all new ideas are an automatic improvement, with each new generation superior and more wise to the one before it, because each new generation will have access to ever more information. Reality is there are very few new ideas in the world, only old ideas rehashed and recycled and repainted to look different.

The influx of many technologies today is not necessarily the problem; it is how these technologies are being applied in our society. Having unlimited information at our fingertips is not the same thing as wisdom. Besides the aforementioned loss of our knowledge to grow, forage and hunt food. Many no longer know how to fix anything that is broken. Whether their car or knowing how to use a hammer and screwdriver. Completely dependent on automation. With far too many people living completely on the grid, with many born into it. People, that if you could reach down into their world of comfortable slavery and grab them by the scruff of their neck and drop them into the middle of a forest. With food, water and possible shelter everywhere around them, they would still die.

One must remember that the globalist elite are a separate culture from the rest of humanity, with its own tribal customs, mythologies and beliefs. They are a secretive occult group of narcissistic sociopaths, whose main motivation is to condition or tear down normal, moral and free society until it becomes a place in which they can openly be themselves without fear of judgment or consequences. They want to change the world into a habitat that will accept them.

According to criminology not all criminals are full blown narcissistic sociopaths, but most full blown narcissistic sociopaths are criminals. How successful they are usually depends on their ability to blend in and mimic or manipulate normal people. Their defining character features include “a complete lack of conscience and empathy, the ability to rationalize any and all destructive behaviour, a desperate need to be adored or admired by everyone around them, a feeling of being “more special” than most people, a feeling of superiority, delusions of grandeur or an inherent right to manage the lives of others, an obsessive need to control and manipulate, impulsive desires and deviant sexual inclinations, and they will only associate with people they feel are like them and are “equally superior”.

Their primary drive is to fulfill their fantasies of superiority and godhood. The more deviant the action, and the more successful they are at getting away with it, the more dopamine they generate and the more satisfied they feel. This leads to an endless cycle, seeking out more and more exploitation of others which becomes less and less satisfying, which leads to even greater deviance.

These traits are inborn, not a product of environment. In some cases environment can play a role in activating these traits, but if a person is not born with them, they generally do not adopt them later in life because of a traumatic environment. Narcissistic sociopaths defy all forms of treatment and cannot be reformed. They have no concrete personality beyond these traits, therefore, if you remove the traits, they are left with nothing else.

Using the basic requisites of socialism’s core ideology of confiscation and redistribution of private property, combined with enforced collectivism and a strong central planning apparatus that erases individual liberty, the economy and society would be entirely transformed. Car and air travel would be banned, except for the elite of course, and law enforcement. All jobs created would be unionized, and every family given a guaranteed income and paid retirement, even those unwilling to work. Such ideas though could never be attained because many citizens don’t want to be unionized, they don’t want to have to rebuild a perfectly good home, give up their car or to never fly again. And especially don’t want to fund the living expenses and retirement of other people who are “unwilling to work”. Under the globalist’s regime the vast majority who do have a job, will be working for the government. So the only way left for the globalists is to continue creating the effects of inequality, poverty and the overall deterioration of society, which will only lead to widespread chaos and violence.

From Antifa to democratic socialists, the goal of the globalists is to use such extreme leftist groups to prod conservative movements, which are the primary threat to globalism. To make people feel unsafe yet provide no dialogue. Instead will forcibly make you believe in their ideology through violent protests and harassment where you dine and live. You will not have freedom of speech and must be anti-constitutional. Mussolini would be proud of them. They are currently trying to manipulate conservatives into voluntarily abandoning their principles of constitutional liberty and limited government. By making certain conservatives into tyrants. In order to dismantle democratic institutions as fast as possible and install a complete centralized command economy run by unelected tsars, which is neither participatory nor democratic.

But a new paradigm is organically evolving: new economic systems, sustainable communities, solar energy, organic farming, liquid democracy, worker co-ops and new media. For all the problems we are confronted by, there are existing viable solutions. There is much to feel positive about. There is currently many decentralized global uprisings, undermining systems of centralized and consolidated power around the globe. A new world is being born. It remains to be seen what will unfold, but if the world’s largest silent majority continue to stare into their phone, TV screens and tablets every moment of our waking lives the vision can be seen watching films such as Blade Runner (both of them), The Matrix, Clockwork Orange, the Purge films, Minority Report, Fahrenheit 451, the Running Man, and Soylent Green, among so many others. So many books as well, by the great visionaries Orwell, Huxley, and Atwood, et al.

Since the elite now know so much about us because they have created us, they are able to manipulate our psyches better than we even understand ourselves. But we do still have a choice. Indeed life is decisions, then how we live based on those decisions. And though there are many people who are growing acutely aware that much of what we say and do is becoming officially retrievable and could be used against us someday, somehow. Whether engaged in a phone discussion, email correspondence, online searches, banter at a party or even a quiet conversation at home, people are losing a sense of activity that is truly private. All that is left to do is to be relentlessly honest as possible with ourselves, friends, family, co-workers and social media followers. Be truthful when we see or hear an untruth. Because truth will set us free, and is actually the one thing the globalists cannot manipulate whether its about them, the world or us. But only if we stay open to each other. While silence is continuing complicity.


Inside Agendas 21 and 2030

Part One

A 17 Page Dense Essay

Some things about skeptics, which in ancient Greece were called skeptikos, defined as someone who doubted even the possibility of real knowledge. While the Latin word scepticus, meant being thoughtful, inquiring and reflective. Its most up to date definition is someone who questions validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual. Whether values, plans, mainstream media news, the goals of those in power, statements, or the character of others.

Oddly, in science a healthy skepticism is a professional necessity, in religion, having belief without evidence is regarded as a virtue. Or as George Carlin once said, “Tell people, there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.

Just because someone tells us something, or we see something online or on TV, until otherwise proven by facts, actions, and/or behaviour, we should take it with a grain of salt. Much like when we were young children walking around asking, why, how come, why not, and what do you mean? To do otherwise would seem something was wrong with us. But then we also continue to give people the benefit of the doubt, which is also pretty crazy. Considering this is where the predators, exploiters, and abusers hide behind. Hence, over 95 per cent of child and spousal mental, physical and sexual abuse is done by a known family member.

One should consider things, examine them, and not take them for granted, don’t ya think? Research and listen to all sides of any debate or information received, no matter how painful it may be. Through understanding where all sides are coming from, is where the nuggets of truth stand out when comparing them, and which may be missed by the many who know of only one side. Because either side whether liberal or conservative are sometimes right and sometimes not.

Being skeptical is similar to critical thinking in that it does not mean criticizing everything and everybody in sight. Critical thinking is when we use all our intellectual skills by means of observation, learning, experience, reasoning and communication, to form a reliable guide to belief. Sadly we have replaced such problem-solving ability with self-righteousness.

George Orwell wrote, “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it”, so true. Today anyone who criticizes say, the government of Israel’s Zionist policies against the Palestinians are deemed anti-Semitic, even though one doesn’t need to be Jewish to be a Zionist, indeed in the US and UK there are many Christian-Zionists. Because Judaism is a religion, Zionism is a political ideology. Or he, who questions government explanations for events and actions, is labelled a conspiracy nut or dissident. To criticize and question the propaganda that portrays Russia as the bad man in the world, one is deemed a Putin puppet. Say mainstream media is in the smear business, they will smear you. Question immigration policy one is a racist, open a door for a lady while smiling, a sexist. Recently a white guy got his knickers in a twist because I wouldn’t apologize for being white, just like a black guy wouldn’t apologize for being black or an Asian guy wouldn’t apologize for being Asian.

Those who are skeptical simply want the truth. As someone once said “Being intelligent…….not because you question everything, but because you question everything you think you know.” People are skeptical and so we should be. There are also people who simply don’t like to be lied to or made fun of, or feel they are, which often only brings paranoia and distrust. Others don’t want to be considered “the other” by their tribe, so will believe what they are told and ignore the discrepancies in the actions and behaviour of others in their own tribe. And of course there are also people who are skeptic of skeptics.

Much of what is written here does not necessarily mean it is what I truly believe, for I remain skeptical, but it is what I have found to be confirmed, known, and discussed whether by theory or fact, and from multiple sources, and simply makes sense. So until further information presents itself, maybe it’s closer to the truth. For there are many things we have been told that do not make sense, and so very much we do not nor will ever know.

For many people all we know of history is our own, and with history being re-written all the time to line up with today’s narrative, what we think went down and what actually did, lies in a fog that covers us all as a cloak and unfortunately, will soon be forgotten. Such deception is what we need to free ourselves from. The following is what I think about the global initiatives, Agenda 21 and 30, and why I think they are insidious. I don’t think I’m sharing anything new, other than following dots along threads, falling down rabbit holes, researching, and hopefully looking at things under a different light. Personally I’d be unable to make such things up.

Dogmatism and skepticism are both, in a sense, absolute philosophies; one is certain of knowing, the other of not knowing. What philosophy should dissipate is certainty, whether of knowledge or ignorance.” – Bertrand Russell

Not to be read by the faint of heart, easily triggered, close minded or unhinged, and anyone who doesn’t want to know about anything that may disrupt their daily routine and programming. But then maybe it should.

The Back Story

Signed in 1992 by 177 countries, Agenda 21 is a legally non-binding statement of intent, and not a treaty, of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. A product of the Earth (Rio) Summit (UN Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that year. It is based on the economy, environment and social equity, and targets five main goals, People, the Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership. In the US their Senate did not hold a formal debate or vote on it when President George H. W. Bush signed it, but did have support from Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Eliot Engel and William Broomfield. It also enacted the polluter pays principle, to make a party responsible for producing pollution responsible for paying for the damage done to the natural environment or simply a Carbon Tax. Which doesn’t stop anyone from polluting; it just means they have to pay a little extra for it.

Speaking at the Rio summit, 12 year old Severn Cullis-Suzuki, daughter of Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki, spoke about how she was “afraid to breath the air” or go out in the sun, and warned of mass extinctions of plants and animals. She pleaded that rich nations should stop spending money on wars and instead, “Let go of some of our wealth”. She felt, “At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us how to behave in the world. You teach us not to fight with others, to work things out, to respect others, to clean up our mess, not to hurt other creatures, to share, not be greedy. Then why do you go out and do the things you tell us not to do? Do not forget why you are attending these conferences, who you are doing this for. We are your own children. You are deciding what kind of a world we are growing up in.”

They did decide, by continuing on status quo for nearly 30 years, implementing their Agenda 21 along the way. Ms Suzuki’s language was similar to angry 16-year-old girl Greta Thunberg, who tried shaming world leaders in a tearful tirade at the UN, in September/2019, because she has been brainwashed to believe the world will cease to exist in ten years. It’s an odd way to go about dealing with a problem. Something like climate change, where only a part of the problem is from human activity, one would think cooperation would be the way to go, instead of berating and screaming. Thunberg especially went after Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey. She even filed a legal formal complaint against them for their carbon emissions, yet didn’t have anything to say about the largest polluters in the world, the US and China. Conveniently her speech overshadowed the fact that at the same UN conference, over 50 countries strongly denounced and spoke out against Israel’s apartheid of Palestine.

In 1996 Bill Clinton put forth America’s own version of the plan through the “Presidential Council on Sustainable Development”, which published the book “Sustainable America – A New Consensus”, and which outlines plans for its indoctrination, propaganda, and to neutralize opposition. The focal points of Agenda 21 in the US became the Division Chief for Sustainable Development and Multilateral Affairs, Office of Environmental Policy, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, and the US Department of State. In other countries, such as the UK, Canada, France, and Australia, Agenda 21 is overseen by similar and corresponding agencies. In effect it is a control of resources and populations plan, with a side of eugenics, and an attempt to put the “collective” agenda over individual rights. And very few have heard about it.

Nor of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was adopted by 193 UN member states in September 2015 at a UN summit. The 2030 Agenda is universal, applying to all countries and requiring them for the next 15 years, “to accelerate climate change and environmental protection, reduce unemployment, strengthen gender equality, and promote peaceful societies if the world is to eradicate poverty and shift into a more sustainable development”. They recognize that a range of social needs, including education, health, and social protection, can be addressed by building economic growth.

The 2030 Agenda targets the same five main goals of Agenda 21, but that extra effort was to be given to 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the original document. Right out of Huxley’s Brave New World, the goals now include,

  • No Poverty
  • Zero Hunger
  • Good Health and Well-being
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Reduced Inequality
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Climate Action
  • Life Below Water
  • Life on Land
  • Peace and Justice
  • Strong Institutions and Partnerships

And that all these goals are achieved before 2030, only ten years away, or the world ends. Their motto is, “If we realize our ambitions across the full extent of the Agenda, the lives of all will be profoundly improved and our world will be transformed for the better.” Sounds lovely in a controlling sort of way, with the actual agenda and the gritty details on how they want to reach such goals, we will be discussing later, below.

Agenda 21 was set up to be executed at local, national, and global levels. By going through the UN, the people behind the agenda are doing an end run around national governments and working directly with local governments and multilateral organizations. It is a calculated attempt to end sovereignty of both soul and country, by a central un-elected authority controlling everything, and reshaping consumption patterns as to what we buy, eat, use, and how and where we are to live. They use the control of Marxist/totalitarian concepts, but without the revolution part, thus it has been instead spoon-fed to us for over fifty years.

Those behind such a project are the same geopolitical plutocratic elite who are controlling much of the narrative today. For the sake of a number of variations, we’ll call such plutocratic elite and their corporations, globalists. And if we are being honest here, after seeing and listening to Mark Zuckerberg, should we actually believe he is running one of the largest companies in the world? At the top are families who do not align themselves with any country or government. They do not care for the humanity they are trying to reform, nor the environment, with generational paedophilia running deep in their veins. Such globalists hold massive control over just about everything, with their central banks literally running much of the world. Families such as the Payseur, Nobel, Astor, DuPont, Reynolds, Rockefeller, and Rothschild, control the banks and corporations at the top, who then control governments by giving politicians absurd amounts of money towards their campaigns, and purchasing their bias and leniency through a process we call gerrymandering and lobbying. It continues for generations as the corporations offer lots of possible lucrative job and business opportunities for not only politicians after they leave office, but their spouses, even their grown kids.

They all live within bubbles, where they and their family only hang out with others in the same bubble. Most all, feel above the rest of us regular folk, and don’t trust us to make our own decisions, because they fabricated who we are and know us very well, so feel they must decide for us. And though they are evil in their intentions, like many terrorists they are not madmen. They are very well organized, extremely dedicated, disciplined, and usually “retaliation proof”.

The globalists came to ruling the world when they took control of the oil industry at the end of the 19th century. Before that time they were railroad barons, financiers, ship builders, arms manufacturers, and industrialists. They expanded their central banking system globally, from the original 12 banks that made up the Bank of England (House of Rothschild), which was managed at the time by the corporation, The City of London, which contrary to popular belief is not a part of England, just as Washington DC is not a part of the US. The City of London came into fruition after The English Civil War in the 17th century, while Washington DC was incorporated in 1871, and would later allow the globalists to open their private, central bank, the Federal Reserve in 1913, to eventually make and keep the US dollar the global default currency of exchange. This would prove handy because by 1945 their endeavours during their British Empire had come to a close, so they simply shifted focus onto their new empire. And their new empire, though currently being attacked, has been very successful. In 2000 the only State central banks not owned by them, included China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, and Cuba. Today the holdouts are only China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.

A few years after the Federal Reserve came into being; in 1921 the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded by British Oxford Rhodes scholars and Fabians. It is a US nonprofit, 4900 member organization, publisher, and think tank specializing in US foreign policy and international affairs. Headquartered in New York City, they have an additional office in Washington DC. Its membership has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures. Today the CFR promotes globalization, free trade, reducing financial regulations on transnational corporations, and economic consolidation into regional blocs such as NAFTA and the European Union, and develops policy recommendations that reflect these goals. They are the most influential foreign-policy think tank in the US, dictating much of US policy whether foreign or domestic. In the mid-nineties, they and the neoconservative think tank, Project for the New American Century (PNAC), whose members included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan, Richard Perle, Elliott Abrams, and John Bolton, came up with a plan for the US’s future role in the world. The report called for a “new Pearl Harbor” type event, which would give the US a rationale to enter the Middle East militarily and change the entire political landscape. A few years later, 9/11 accomplished this goal. The globalists have known for over a century that they only need to get away with one major false flag event every couple of decades to push the populace into a war or a cultural crisis which can be exploited. The problem for the US is after 9/11 they insanely began walking the road the previous Soviet Union had walked. Where after a decade-long bungled war in Afghanistan the Soviet Union went bankrupt and their communist manifesto dissolved.

The globalist’s network of central banks today include the American bank Goldman Sachs, which was founded in 1869, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. which is the largest bank in the US, and the world’s sixth largest bank by total assets (US $2.6 trillion). Before 2000 it was the Bank of the Manhattan Company, founded in 1799, and had gained incredible power and wealth after literally making a killing over the American Civil War, and from the loans given to rebuild. Six years after the Civil War, Washington DC became the corporation it is. Other central banks include Barclays PLC (founded in 1690) in the City of London, the German, Deutsche Bank AG (1870); the French, Société Générale S.A. or SocGen (1864); the Swedish, Swedbank AB (1820), and the Swiss investment bank UBS Group AG (1862), one of the “biggest, most powerful financial institutions in the world”. Interestingly most of these banks were founded within and around the same decade of the Civil War, for the globalists had to be able to manage and distribute the incredible amounts of money they had made off both sides during the war.

By the end of the 1940’s the globalists had the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which was to be the keeper of the rules and the main instrument of public international management, and the World Bank Group (WBG). The WBG is a group of five international organizations that make leveraged loans to developing countries. Both began lending money out hand over fist, even to countries that had no chance in hell of ever paying the loan back.

After making hundreds of billions of dollars from both World Wars, with US arms manufacturers making over $330 billion US dollars on World War II alone, they thought, why stop there, let’s make it foreign policy. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union would begin to build their own nuclear weapons and erect the Iron Curtain, behind which lay the great central and eastern European cities of Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia, enclosing them off for forty-six years, until the already mentioned Soviet demise in 1991.

From the money made from arms, food, and supply sales, and the resulting loans to rebuild, the globalists would create the industrial military complex. Their tentacles would eventually come to control public education systems, food distribution networks, big-Pharma corporations, agriculture, chemical industries, Western mainstream media, Hollywood, most Western intelligence organizations, and NATO, who’s sole job is to control global energy systems, pipelines and sea lanes.

After WW II they would also create a huge middle-class, good jobs, and ever new things to purchase, whether one needed it or not. Eventually they would attempt to control the narrative, carry out social engineering projects, and other experimentation at will. They were close to achieving such goals, but by the mid-sixties, millions of rebelling and questioning young people were becoming aware for the need to change the Western world system that their parents and grandparents had passed down to them. And which had ironically given them the privilege to question their upbringing and culture. They began to question the scam being created, the belief that profit-driven corporations would protect the larger public interest in a sustainable environment. They began to question the establishment which they called the “man”, and the morality of the Vietnam War. Anti-war and anti-establishment protests, along with ongoing racial wars, erupted around the world. National guardsmen were shooting civilians and ignorant whites were killing proud black people, while free-love bloomed. Cultures began to change with the whiff of chaos and rebellion in the air, which was right up the globalist’s alley, for they knew that conflicts often bring change, and that controlled conflicts bring controlled change.

These searching young people represented the leading edge of the post WW II baby boom (born between 1945 and 1964) that were coming of age (18 to 20 years old) in the mid sixties, and who began questioning what was going on in society. The words to Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”, which he wrote in 1962, sung by the Mamas and Papas, then by himself on his Freewheelin’ album in 1963, encapsulates what was about to happen perfectly. And which continues to happen. Give it a listen.

By the early 70’s the questioning came to a halt, with the elimination of the anti-war movement (right up to the present day), the assassinations of political and cultural leaders, a debt-fuelled version of consumer capitalism being pumped into our minds and culture, the creation of a welfare state, increased propaganda against the values and morals of family, empathy, ethics, community, and Christianity (with the Roman Catholic version and their priests, further staining such belief). The wars became the ones against either a leader of a country, who’s resources were needed and replaced with someone who would do as NATO told them to do, or well advertised wars against poverty and drugs, which brought further poverty and ever more drugs into western communities. After 1991, the communist was replaced with the terrorist.

By President Ronald Reagan’s exit from office, such neo-conservative, revisionist Zionists had infiltrated the US State Department and the Pentagon, taken control of foreign policy, and both the democrat and republican parties, and began to take over the republic. In their own bubble the neo-conservative Koch brothers have been doing the same thing.

Ironically, in the protracted war that became their downfall, the Soviet’s opponents in Afghanistan, were trained and armed by the US and UK, and would later become the opponents in the US/UK wars on terror. At the same time, after taking out Libya, the terrorists there would become ISIS, armed by the US/UK and inserted into Iraq and Syria. Where the US/UK then proceeded to pretend they bombed the living daylights out of them. While in actual fact the Iraqi and Syrian armies did all the heavy lifting and took the vast majority of casualties. Similar to the defeat of Nazi Germany, where nearly three-quarters of the over 5 million German fighters who died in the war, died fighting against the Soviets.

Today this rebellious group of the baby boomers are all over 70 years of age, and with many of the rest of us boomers who followed them, think we have changed our attitudes or behaviour since that time, but in many ways we have not. Writer Sebastian Gorka, affectionately and sardonically calls boomers, the fruit of the 60’s. We bought into, what James Kunstler describes as “a generation of nothing matters and anything goes” and “if it feels good, do it”. Ironically, today they’ve even got us apologizing for everything we had ever done while growing up, and for what our fathers and grandfathers had ever done.

The movements for peace, civil rights, the women’s movement, environmental concerns, and equal rights were cast aside, and pessimism and cultural irrationalism began to replace them. Nothing was long term anymore, many of the New Deal infrastructure projects like building highways and bridges, upgrading pipes, carrying out projects like the St Lawrence Seaway, building levees and dykes, and even the US Space Program, were either shelved or cancelled. It became all about short-term gains and pleasures, with future goods the sum of such pleasures. Corporations inflated their profits, thinking only of the next quarter, their goals all short term. But in doing so, they seem to have ignored the longer term realities of diminishing consumer purchasing power and sales. The power of money no longer served the real productive wealth of society. It became all about controlling it, and it flowed to the top. Ever since the early seventies, and after getting rid of the gold standard, the Globalist’s Federal Reserve opened the doors on US markets to the world, and though it made wealthy families insanely wealthy, to-date it has cost the US a current trade deficit of over US$12 trillion, a loss of over 70,000 factories, over 6 million jobs and a national debt of $22 trillion. The current US president may be trying to rectify this problem.

Following the first wave of boomers was the larger bulge of the boom, which peaked in 1959, of which I was included the year before. Many of our parents had been too young to have fought in WW II and most of them were already buying into the consumer capitalism model. By the time the rest of us baby boomers had come of age in the late 70’s and early 80’s most of us were already following the neo-liberal agenda like sheeple into the 1990s, and right up to the present day.

Voter participation declined, elections became a choice of personalities rather than a choice between alternatives, families began to break apart, and materialism, self-love, apathy, corruption and ego became all the rage. They played us like a flute, through our vanity and vices. They got us believing in self-indulgent market forces which in reality are removing any long term gain for future generations. So distracted we never stopped to think about our children’s or grand-children’s future.

Somehow all believing in unlimited growth upon a finite planet, we cruised through life avoiding the worst threats of nuclear annihilation, bombs being dropped on us, invasion, and economic depression, even as people in other countries suffered the consequences of superpower proxy wars, regime changes, and economic and environmental catastrophes. Many saw it coming, but as a majority said nothing, and we became the largest silent majority ever created in history. Along with the largest debt bubble ever created because we had to keep up to the Jones’s. We didn’t save for the future, we were indifferent to it, but our sheer numbers was soon deciding and influencing government policy, which since the early 90’s has been all based on age-based criteria of our own choosing and/or which we allowed to be implemented. Such a vast silent majority of the boomers, (70 per cent) is made up of mostly mainstream whites, because one cannot include minorities, which were being subjected to ill-treatment, racism and bigotry, or the immigrants who entered the Western world at the time, and who were raised differently, had a work ethic, assimilated into their communities, and were grateful.

We baby boomers (the youngest now 55 years old) biggest problem is that undoubtedly, after more than a half a century the majority of us, especially in Western countries, still hold our “ideals” as truths, but whose ideals. Whenever I see a new sports car with the top down on a sunny day, it’s always driven by a gray beard, not a man of action, rebellious or young. But then maybe that’s the point. We still dream for the white picket fenced, wraparound porch bungalow with a garden out back. Vacations to vineyards in Southern France and trips on cruise ships. Listening to the same music for fifty years, dance the same way, and still restoring, then just parking in a garage, our old, first cars. Snips, boob jobs, Botox, and lifts keep many pretty, but only from afar and not from inside. We creak at the knees, get used to our new hips, and are still hung up about something that happened thirty, forty years ago. We’re still popping pills, drinking like fish, and dressing like we’re twenty-one. And often, still acting like it. Our coping mechanism became cognitive dissonance, where we believe in things to be true when deep down we know they are untrue, and often wrong.

Ergo, many of the children of the boomers (Gen X) became the parents of today’s millennial’s. Like many of their parents, more often than not they had tossed aside the title of parent and became their child’s buddy instead. Thus, many millennial’s, born around the dawn of the 21st century, are a generation who have no understanding of cause and effect, effort and reward. Possessing no concept of humility yet expecting indulgence, they only allow happy thoughts and safe spaces of entitlement. This has been taught to them by both their parents and the government controlled neo-liberal dystopia called the public education system, from day-care as a baby to college. Authenticity, community and family all thrown aside in the pursuit of consumerism and fleeting fame, and that anyone can instantly become a pampered star, well friended or liked online, by simply generating controversy, and by being completely unashamed. While those millennials who happen to have been born white males, are often lumped in with all of us other white men, and blamed for all the world’s historical and contemporary evils.

Far too many of us boomers have also been afraid to rock the boat in any significant way by keeping it status quo for over forty years now. We all have a routine that simply must not be interrupted, with our neighbours now turning into tattle tales. Corporations have taken over democracy, with every natural resource and citizen a commodity, simply objects of trade and consumption and exploited to collapse. Populations lulled, misinformed and manipulated into surrendering their freedom and participation in government, through excess consumerism, sensationalism, and “manufactured consent”. It’s no wonder Alzheimer’s, the most common cause of dementia by damaging nerve connections in the brain, is also one of the fastest rising diseases. Our electro-chemical computer brain is short-circuiting. Or as someone once said, “We are running 21st century software on hardware last upgraded 50,000 years ago”.

We are also deathly afraid of losing our internet and phone, even though the globalists control most all global internet media, through companies like Google, Amazon, YouTube and Facebook, who is attempting to replace the American National Security Agency (NSA), which is responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign and domestic intelligence and counterintelligence purposes of foreign governments and populations, including their own. And as of late are even attempting to create a “global” currency. Mainstream media in general is nothing but a corporate owned and corporate-advertiser funded mouth piece that is so well versed, has made us believe in the illusion that we have a choice in what is told to us.

As to controlling the narrative in the Western world, other than local stories and events, and parts of the internet, today, all news stories broadcast by mainstream news networks and most all newspapers, comes from only three international news organizations. They include the New York-based Associated Press (AP), founded in 1846. With only 4,000 employees, their stories reach over half the global population. The French, Agence France-Presse (AFP) founded in 1835, today it has over 4,000 employees in 201 locations in 151 countries. And the London-based Reuters (1851), part of a Canadian multinational media conglomerate owned by Thomson Reuters. As of 2019, current chairman David Thomson is listed as the wealthiest person in Canada, with an estimated net worth of $37.7 billion, and in the top thirty of richest people in the world. From these three entities come all our news stories, which are then simply copied and translated, with the same “key” words accented, and often presented with the same bias.

Crucial to the globalist’s control of the narrative was “Operation Mockingbird”. Started up in the early 1950’s, they used the US’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to carry out psychological operations in the form of journalism to influence and direct mass opinion, as well as elite perspectives. They began bankrolling more than twenty-five foreign and domestic, press and news media wire services, magazines, publishing and newspapers, influencing media executives and reporters, and even inserting their own agents as reporters. Their reach extended into the New York Times, Washington Post, Disney, CBS, ABC news, Time magazine, Newsweek, and the National Enquirer, among many others. Today one can add CNN and MSNBC. They also bankrolled radio and TV broadcasting of Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, in Eastern Europe, Radio Liberty, and National Public Radio (NPR).

The operation is carried out by cooperating or unwitting reporters, who are given CIA written reports which are then repeated or cited, by the recipient reporters and would then, in turn, be cited throughout the media wire services and spread outwards. The mantra remaining the same, for it is a fact that people are more likely to believe that something is true after hearing it used many times. Nazi Germany, the Soviets, and China had all perfected such a phenomenon, where people will mistake repeated assertions for truth. Such a tactic is still very much in use today. It is what advertising and propaganda are based on.

As David Rockefeller of The Trilateral Commission, admitted in 1991, “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supra-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practised in past centuries.”

Also over the past forty years, especially after the fall of the Soviet Union, the globalists have also controlled most all Western countries’ status quo leadership circles, and the bias of the unelected government officials under them, who are called the deep state. And whether it’s a government or a corporate bureaucracy, both seem to show that perhaps Laurence J. Peter’s 1968, the “Peter Principle” has peaked. The Peter Principle is the logical idea that competent employees in a hierarchy will be promoted, but at a certain point will be promoted into positions for which they are incompetent. And that they will remain in those positions because they do not demonstrate any further competence that would move them up to the next level. Peter wrote, “Look around you where you work, and pick out the people who have reached their level of incompetence. You will see that in every hierarchy the cream rises until it sours. According to the Peter Principle, every position in a given hierarchy will eventually be filled by employees who are incompetent to fulfill the job duties of their respective positions. With everyone, going through the motions and keeping their eye on the prize, the pension lottery, even if it takes the best years of their lives to get there.

After the Israeli/Saudi operation 9/11, it only got worse. From Western Europe, through Belgium, France and Germany, the Scandinavian countries, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia among others, the globalist’s tentacles have reached far, some deeper than others. But the number is dwindling, with some of their vassals beginning to devour themselves. Especially places like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US where the political beliefs of family and community of the silent-majority were predominately center-right or center-left with not much difference between them, but which is now being exterminated, as we stand in silence of our own demise.

The US on the other hand, was run by globalists up until three years ago, but since the 2016 election, this dynamic is changing, and has become a war between the globalist supported progressive socialist left, and the Trump administration. Because the status quo neo-liberal bipartisan neo-conservative Bush-Clinton-Obama crime families, are being dismissed, their cover blown.

It looks like the current US president’s agenda is stalling such globalization by trying to re-set supply chains, battling central banking and intelligence agencies, and weeding out corrupted unelected officials. The globalists who had been gleefully running things are losing their minds. Some fear and desperation has maybe taken hold with the current worldwide push on deglobalization, which would obviously disrupt their plans and agendas. Deglobalization will affect those nations who rely on exports the most, make the stock market volatile, harm, and in some cases destroy the Globalist’s central banks’ investments.

The globalists are also incensed that the US economy today is in reality holding steady, but their big banks on Wall Street are anxiously pacing back and forth, because their investments overseas are being exposed. They are also angry that the stock market is head-shakingly thriving. And angry that the current administration is in a war with China, trying to get the trade deficit under control, and in a war against the globalist’s private bank, the Federal Reserve, which is trying to do more harm than advertised by making decisions, hoping that by grounding the US economy the current president will not be re-elected. Their ultimate plan is to actually destroy the US’s hegemony, based on “ordo ab chao” (order out of the chaos). For chaos is actually what they want, and today, after forty years of trying, they’re nearly there, just as they were in the sixties and early seventies. Chaos will allow them to implement even more tyrannical control. The last straw will be when the US Constitution gets torn in half. And if they are unable to control the narrative and “dissidence” gets too out of control they’ll simply shut the internet down. Imagine that for a moment. It’d be like billions of heroin junkies, not getting their next fix and having no idea what to do.

While nations like Russia, Iran, and India, among a growing list of others, are not looking to be the next empire, but instead want their own sovereignty, living in a multi-polar world not a uni-polar one. They’d like to be left alone from the globalist’s and the neo-con/Zionists’ disruptive foreign policies, neo-liberal ideologies, intelligence and military industries, and their blind zeal for Armageddon. And would rather get on with such things as getting onboard China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, where sovereign nations can trade freely with each other across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Martin Jacques, a senior fellow at Cambridge University, describes the Belt and Road Initiative (New Silk Roads) as offering “an alternative to the existing international order. The present international order was designed by and still essentially privileges the rich world, which represents only 15 per cent of the world’s population. BRI, on the other hand, is addressing at least two-thirds of the world’s population. This is extraordinarily important for this moment in history.” He goes on to say that the BRI “has the potential to offer another kind of world, another set of values, another set of imperatives, another way of organizing, another set of institutions, and another set of relationships.”

The Belt and Road is now configured as a vast, unique, Eurasia-wide infrastructure and trade development project extending all the way to Africa and Latin America. Currently more than 130 countries are engaged in linked projects, and partnering with 29 international organizations from the World Bank to the APEC, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

China meanwhile is no doubt one of the only countries truly interested in imperialism, but has taken the long road approach, as is their nature. Today their influence is everywhere, and we chose to ignore it for the past thirty years, because it was cheap to do so.

And though the US gets ever more antagonistic, Russia and China don’t actually project much power outside their own borders, though within, they are very much in control and very well defended. Russia does attempt to project power, but if you notice it’s only over the Russian territories it lost as punishment for losing the Cold War. While China is starting to project more military power, they have already shown what they can do with economic power and influence.

Today the globalists are also in a fight because once again, people are simply not buying their bullshit any more. It’s “Blowin in the Wind” all over again. Whether an economic system which only benefits those at the top, progressive socialist propaganda and policies, a surveillance state, never ending wars, or a perhaps false fear, of climate change and over-population.

Just maybe, before history’s largest silent majority say goodbye, we can put on our big-boy and big-girl pants and pull our heads out of our butts. It’s not all about us individually, it never was, and we should have already learned that. Especially when, it is becoming ever more obvious that those at the top, being typical psychopaths, are allowing their arrogance to eventually be their downfall. They are currently exposing themselves because they don’t care anymore what we think or that we know. If status quo remains, the next generation will be divided, obedient and docile to an extreme, and of course heavily medicated. At which time can be easily culled from the herd when needed.

But the globalists are still very much a force to be reckoned with, their representatives include George Soros and his foundation, the Open Society, the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Family, the Roman Catholic Church, the CIA affiliated National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and people like Al Gore, Bill Gates, Bono, the Davos crowd that attend the World Economic Forum seminars every year, and mainstream media and Hollywood.This also includes the gala three day meetings a few times a year in some luxury avenue, where the stars of Hollywood and mainstream media (the influencers), hobnob with a gaggle of egotistic billionaires (the controllers), having polite talks about climate change and how to keep the masses entertained and distracted. To get to the grand affair many come in their super yachts, some flying in first class but most in their own or charted private aircraft. Then fly, sail and/or be driven home to their mansions and palaces and get their teeth re-whitened and faces lifted.

The globalists are estimated to still control well over 40 per cent of the entire global economy through 147 very tightly knit mega-corporations, which are managed by only four firms, The Vanguard Group, McGraw-Hill, CME Group, and Barclays. Together, they dominate the world of indexing, meaning they hold much power over the world’s money. The Vanguard Group,an American investment management company, is the largest provider of mutual funds in the world, managing over US$3 trillion. They were the biggest shareholder in Monsanto, before it was recently sold for US$63 billion to one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and genetically-modified-food companies, Bayer AG. Vanguard is also the biggest shareholder in Halliburton, as Dick Cheney is one of the bigger shareholders in Vanguard. They are also the second biggest shareholder in Facebook, the third biggest in Whole Foods, the second biggest in Hain Celestial Foods, and the biggest shareholder in the largest defence corporation in the world, Lockheed Martin.

In a large nut shell, the globalist’s agendas are behind zoning, land and water use control, wealth redistribution, one currency, cap and trade, smart grid of AI and 5G, smart meters, carbon taxes, high gasoline prices, global citizens, global public education system, common core nationalized education standards, bio-fuels, Marxist ideology advancing across the world, food control, gun control, health control, unchecked immigration and open borders so as to strip countries of their identity, and color-coded uprisings and other coups against the few countries left in the world who do not abide by the globalist’s central bank system.

In many ways it can be said the globalists are fascists disguised as Marxist socialists. For though Russian communist Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), called fascism “capitalism in decay”, the founder of fascism, Italian Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) described it where, “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” In actual fact fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, and maliciously anti-liberal, anti-communist and anti-conservative. To confuse things even further or perhaps just Orwellian logic, the progressive left’s violent black attired, hooded and masked, social justice terrorists, call themselves Antifa (anti-fascists).

While this state of affairs has been playing out over the last few years, the globalists have accelerated pushing the basis for Agenda 21, as well as their 2030 Agenda, by using the fears of climate change and over population, whether they are real or not. This is what they tell us, and many believe. As such we are becoming demoralized and disengaged, with more and more people feeling confused, insecure, divided and feeling helpless in their acceptance of victimhood. We are even passing this on to our children. There are perhaps tens of millions of pre-teens who now believe the world is going to end in ten years. Hello anxiety and panic attacks. How dare we do such a thing to our children? While the silent majority are unwilling to speak out or take risks of any kind for fear of losing their job, knowing there is perhaps no other job to go to, and of losing family, house and home. Or the worst, shun from their tribe.

With a soon to be human population of eight billion, for life to go on for those at the top, a plan had to be implemented to control such expanding growth and most importantly, to control such numbers. They boldly and insanely, seem to hold the fictional book 1984, written by George Orwell in 1949, as a template of how a totalitarian complex can control and manage the world and every person’s identity.Where, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

Since the early 1970’s globalist/totalitarian states have risen slowly and quietly, with most tyrants, but a puppet to the globalists. It begins with a controlled economic decline, which sometimes takes generations. Then through economic systems such as inflation, low wages, and an inadequate job market, make people rely on government. Get them tuning out, turning on, or simply overwhelmed and distracted with their daily existence. Then get the people to trade freedom for the illusion of safety. American statesman, diplomat, author, scientist, and inventor, Ben Franklin (1706-1790), thought that “Those who trade liberty for a little bit of security deserve neither”. Which I totally agree with, since it leads to the end of personal sovereignty.

Gradually the populace will become desperate and lack a greater purpose or mission in life, and eventually come to the realization they have neither productive capacity nor self-empowerment, and lose all sense of independence and look for others instead of themselves to solve their problems. This is when many deem themselves a victim. Next up, control subversiveness, where no one dares to do anything outside of collective norms for fear they would be interpreted as socially negative, and finally and just as importantly, de-weaponize and feminize the populace. A world where one must always be politically correct, all follow the same narrative, and not to upset others or the government.

After years of research of all sides, and looking out my window everyday living on a boat, and not being a scientist or educated, my personal theory on climate change is that the atmosphere is a chemistry experiment, adding and subtracting molecules, as are the oceans and the land, and that a disruption to normal climate cycles has already happened, and there is not anything humanity can do about it, except to not make it worse. This was already known in the 1970’s but like everything else that was rubbed out at that time it was squelched until later when it would be needed as an excuse. Much like the excuse the US used for dropping two atomic bombs, and fire-bombing all of Japan’s major cities, killing nearly one million people in one week, and which they would have kept doing, to save the lives of American troops who would eventually have had to storm empty beaches.

Weather will become extreme, and like we have been doing for thousands of years we will have to adapt, and will have time to adapt. Any impacts we have made on the atmosphere and the environment can be off-set with continued climate action which will allow the planet’s weather to get back to its normal cyclical rhythm. The tipping point may have passed, but won’t really affect us for another few decades, when it may get severe, but eventually would change, as it always has. Remember no matter what we do to the surface of this planet, and whether we are here or not, it will continue to unfeelingly spin for many more billions of years, going through ice ages, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes, which all will cause climate disruption. I figure the most critical issues to a disrupted climate would be either too much water or not enough, and the resilience of ecosystems. I also think that climate disruption is the least of our worries, but of course only if it does not interfere with our need for fresh drinking water and food because regardless of anything else, without such basic needs our species will die. Though many today will feel as though they have died if the internet ever shuts down or they can’t turn their phone on.

The globalists and their central banks that are running their “grand green design”, called the Green New Deal in the US, believe that green “low energy flux density” sources of energy would constrict global population and that is exactly what they want.British scientist and pioneer of the sustainable development movement, and who co-founded the Club of Rome in 1968,Alexander King, wrote in 1990, “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

In order to keep the house of cards standing, it has been postulated that such people-hating globalist’s plans hinge on sacrificing the working poor, the impoverished, seniors on fixed incomes, people with disabilities and the tens of millions of people living between starvation and death. Afterwards, the percentage of people left will continue status quo, then a few years down the road, with ever more dwindling resources, another cull would then be needed. It is why most democratic and liberal cities ignore gang violence, oppose school choice, promote abortion, support socialism, and neglect poor inner city neighbourhoods because they know those “folks” are simply victimizing each other, and doing their job for them.

This is why global warming is still a debate, for it will conveniently affect those who will-not or cannot adapt to a changing environment. The first to go will be the poorest and most vulnerable, including their livelihoods, homes, and children. Indeed, some of the most wealthy and powerful on the planet have their sanctuaries already built all around the globe, and ready to move into at a moment’s notice. Sanctuaries, whether desolate, underground or not, surrounded by a well defendable wall. Yet they don’t want walls separating nations. Regardless, they have quietly prepared for when the storm of chaos they created finally hits the fan. They will then make even more money and gain even more power through “disaster capitalism”. They made the cake so I guess they get to eat it too. Heck, they’ve already licked off all the icing.

Climate change aside, for there has always been, and though we have altered even that, we have time to change our ways and consumption habits ingrained in us by the establishment. And once again, as we have always done throughout human history, we will have to adapt. As to the effects of our consumption, we’ve left a trail of deforestation, compromised fresh water sources, degradation of top soil and ecosystems, “dead zone” ocean acidification, disrupted climate conditions, and pollution of our rivers, lakes, seas, the air we breathe, and our minds. We have also degraded our moral values, and any critical or rational thinking. This is all on us, so we must start talking to each other. We are all equal, except for our individual ideas.

We’ve spent the last fifty years believing in an economic system that was corrupt and rigged from the start, and which only benefited the already rich. It’s all too much. Because we also have to live our daily lives, simply trying to make ends meet, care for our family and friends, interact with perhaps the one hundred people we see regularly in our lives and who make up our tribe. Have a job and a purpose to get up in the morning, to love and be loved, and have the courage to keep putting one step in front of the other.

But don’t worry the globalists have a plan. But we must remember such a plan doesn’t have to be this way. Only we can derail it. But sadly and wishing I didn’t have to say it, after saying nothing for over forty-five years already we probably won’t this time either. And though there is still hope, the numbers who are addicted to Aldous Huxley’s “soma” dictate something all together different. All the while we take another bite from the apple, the other hand anxiously clutching a smart phone.

It’s like we’ve become packs of dogs where after a talking head stands up, points somewhere and yells “squirrel” at the top of their lungs, we all go off running, barking our heads off. But we are supposedly smarter than dogs, so we’ll go off running whenever a MSM talking head comes up with any number of words to replace the word squirrel, whether Russia!, Racist!, Ukraine! or Impeach! Then like a pack of dogs chasing a car and catching up to it, we don’t know what to do about it when we get there.

As of late, the countries that are still adhering to Agenda 21 and 30 are all ever more rapidly pumping out disinformation to get their plans in place, even using children as their “spokespersons”. Countries are now declaring “national climate emergencies”, which is odd because climate change is global not national. The fear of rising sea levels is used for creating plans to sterilize waterfront from development, building levees and dykes, and buying out, then destroying homes in vulnerable areas. Then control access and use of the shoreline. In reality, sea levels will become a major problem in about fifty to eighty years, but then, even a rise of only half a foot will impact many places and people around the world. They will continue to rise if the melting of snow pack and glaciers on land continues, not from the melting of sea ice at the poles. Don’t believe me? Take a glass of water with an ice cube in it and fill to just before it would overflow, then just wait for the ice cube to melt.

Once again we have the time to adapt to rising sea levels, if we so choose. At the same time globalist environmental groups such as the WWF are running campaigns to disrupt the flow of natural gas to countries like South Africa, India, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and China, so these same countries are instead building a combined 1,800 new coal-fired plants, which emit twice as much carbon dioxide as natural gas plants. As it is, urbanization and deforestation effects climate disruption as much or more than fossil-fuel emissions. Consider the push for bio-fuels, which means more rain forests are deforested, and then huge palm oil plantations are planted in their stead to supply the needed ingredients for bio-fuel. Leaders in municipalities in many countries are even pushing to sue fossil-fuel companies for causing climate change, yet 70 per cent of their emissions come from their own populations.

One must also consider the early 20th century proponents of the use of eugenics to control the population, because in the globalist’s mind’s eye things like CO2 emissions or consumption of resources is not the problem, people are.

In the 1920s, various theories of eugenics were so popular among intellectuals in the US that 75 per cent of colleges offered courses on eugenics. When researching the medical experiments, including sterilization programs, which went on around this time on unsuspecting people in Latin America, the Philippines, and the US itself, I had to swallow the bile that rose in my throat.

In 1916, Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) opened the first birth control clinic in the US (Brooklyn); in 1942 it would become Planned Parenthood. Sanger believed that birth control and sterilization should be voluntary, and not based on race, and that all women should have the right to choose when to be pregnant. Out of the other side of her mouth she agreed with much of what the proponents of eugenics believed, to “assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit”, and advocated “the voluntary hospitalization or sterilization of people with untreatable, disabling, hereditary conditions, and limits on the immigration of the diseased”.

Until 1973, Planned Parenthood provided services such as birth control, clinical breast examinations, cervical cancer screening, pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counselling, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, sex education and vasectomies. But after the landmark abortion rights case Roe v Wade that year, they also began acting as an abortion provider. Since 1973, in the US there have been more than 56 million abortions performed (17 million black), half were performed by Planned Parenthood. This number does not include abortions carried out in California (about 13 per cent of the US population) or New Hampshire, since they have both failed to report the numbers since 1998.

In their 2014 Annual Report, Planned Parenthood, with over 600 clinics in the US (80 per cent of which are in poor and predominately black communities), reported seeing over 2.5 million patients in over 4 million clinical visits, and performing a total of nearly 9.5 million discrete services for them, including 324,000 abortions, with 900 black babies aborted every day. Planned Parenthood is also global, with more than 149 member associations working in more than 189 countries. Its combined annual revenue is US$1.3 billion, including approximately $530 million in government funding.

Four years after Planned Parenthood’s inception, Eugenics Society president and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) founder Julian Huxley, agreed with many others, including Margaret Sanger, that much of the population were “undesirables and weeds”. He wrote in 1946, “Political unification in some sort of world government will be required… Even though… any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.” But Hitler had given eugenics and propaganda, a bad name over the previous years so they had to be re-branded. And they were. They were now called “sustainability” and “public relations”.

In 1968, and in order to keep the ball rolling, the Club of Rome was formed by two misanthropes named Aurelio Peccei, and the previously mentioned Sir Alexander King. Its members would include current and former heads of state, the Royal Family, UN bureaucrats, high-level politicians and government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists, and business leaders from around the globe. They promise they share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference. And all agree that society’s best form of governance is a scientific dictatorship.

Bertrand Russell (1872 -1970), a British philosopher, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic, political activist, and Nobel laureate also argued for a “scientific society”, where he thought war would be abolished, population growth would be limited, and prosperity would be shared. He felt the establishment of a “single supreme world government” would be able to enforce peace.

In Quebec in 1971, the Club of Rome got Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to allocate tax payer money to begin a two year project to write a book called The Limits to Growth, which became the blueprint of this new anti-humanist form of the eugenics movement by fooling us in believing they are simply consciously reforming the system, and which would eventually birth today’s Green New Deal agenda. Interestingly, while the progressive neo-socialists are demanding Medicare for all, free college, and universal basic income, it is actually encouraged and orchestrated by the hundreds of billions of dollars the globalists have made from the banking, healthcare, national defence and higher education cartels.

Along with Trudeau, a group of the already mentioned Oxford trained Rhodes Scholars on the Council on Foreign Relations, and privy councillors centered on Alexander King, Maurice Strong, Maurice Lamontagne (founder of Environment Canada), Michael Pitfield (Privy Council Clerk and founder of Canada’s CSIS) and Governor General Roland Michener, among others, also all agreed to the study.

In 1972, The Limits to Growth (LTG) was published by the Volkswagen Foundation, (nothing to do with the car company), a large German private non-profit organization for the promotional of research and education in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Seventeen researchers ran three simulations of exponential economic and population growth with a finite supply of resources, to gain insights into the limits of our world system and the constraints it puts on human numbers and activity. All three scenarios were based on five variables: world population, industrialization, pollution, food production and resources depletion. They did not include any data, projections or theories about climate change. The three scenarios given were, keeping the status quo, with “no changes to historical growth trends, the limits to growth on earth would become evident by 2072, leading to sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity”. The second was if growth trends existing in 1972 could be altered so that sustainable ecological and economic stability could be achieved. The third was that they could be changed. They admit “that their projections for the values of the variables in each scenario were predictions “only in the most limited sense of the word,” and were only indications of the system’s behavioural tendencies.” Two of the scenarios saw “overshoot and collapse” of the global system by the mid to latter part of the 21st century, while a third scenario resulted in a “stabilized world”.

Critics argued that the report claimed to accept that the then-known resources of minerals and energy could, and would, grow in the future, and consumption growth rates could also decline. Others agreed that growth could not continue indefinitely, but that a natural end to growth was preferable to intervention. They also wrote that technology could solve all the problems the report brings up, but only if growth continued apace. They warned that by “stopping growth too soon, the world would be “consigning billions to permanent poverty”.

On the other side of the coin in 2010, a report by the Danes, Nørgård, Peet and Ragnarsdóttir, called the book a “pioneering report”, and said that it “has withstood the test of time and, indeed, has only become more relevant.” And, “With few exceptions, economics as a discipline has been dominated by a perception of living in an unlimited world, where resource and pollution problems in one area were solved by moving resources or people to other parts. The very hint of any global limitation as suggested in the report was met with disbelief and rejection by businesses and most economists. However, this conclusion was mostly based on false premises”.

A year after The Limits to Growth was published, the Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller. It is a non-governmental, non-partisan discussion group of nearly 400 mostly private industrialists and bankers to “foster closer cooperation among North America, Western Europe, and Japan”. Other founding members included Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker, both later heads of the globalist’s Federal Reserve System, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, US National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981, and a Rockefeller advisor. At one of their first meetings, in 1976 in Kyoto, Japan, they discussed a process for the “controlled disintegrations of society”.

In 2012, Noam Chomsky described the Trilateral Commission as essentially, “liberal internationalists from Europe, Japan and the United States, and the liberal wing of the intellectual elite”, and that the Commission, “was concerned with trying to induce what they called ‘more moderation in democracy’ – turn people back to passivity and obedience so they don’t put so many constraints on state power and so on. In particular they were worried about young people. They were concerned about the institutions responsible for the indoctrination of the young (that’s their phrase), meaning schools, universities, church and so on – they’re not doing their job, [the young are] not being sufficiently indoctrinated. They’re too free to pursue their own initiatives and concerns and you’ve got to control them better.”

And so they have, in many Western nations, including Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, Germany, France, and especially in the US, the globalists control the kindergarten to university education system, the psychological establishment, their Medical Associations, mainstream news, the entertainment establishments, the law system, silicon valley, other corporations, and a very deep state of unelected government officials. Though this does not include the military per se, the military’s general officer corps has been corrupted for decades.

Such control is needed to create a true social state. Further control is carried out by controlling healthcare, because once this is done you control the people, then increase the poverty level, because poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live, and more often than not will only harm themselves. Increase the debt to an unsustainable level which allows one to raise taxes, which produces more poverty. Remove people’s ability to defend themselves from the government and the bad guys. Enact gun laws that only affect those who get a license, get an extensive back ground check, and take a course and practise, so that the only ones left with guns will be the bad guys and the police. Because the bad guys don’t buy guns in gun stores; they don’t even bother with a licence, they buy them out of the trunk of a car. And who predominately reside in communities where people are not allowed to protect themselves. Home invasions would sky-rocket.

The end game is to take control of every aspect of our lives (food, housing and income) through welfare programs and surveillance systems, asset forfeiture, eminent domain and over criminalization. Cancel presumption of innocence and due process. Take control of what people read, watch and listen to. Remove the belief in Christianity and family values from the government and schools. And finally divide the people into as many ways possible, whether race, sex, nationality, religion, culture, gender, left, right, center, sports team affiliation, what side of the street you live on, tatted or not, wealthy, poor, liberal, or conservative. This will cause more despondency, anger, jealously, violence, victimhood, and bigotry so that one day “the vast majority of people will have no idea what’s going on and they won’t care”. By then we probably won’t even be talking to each other anymore anyways.

“Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks his whip, but the really well-trained dog is the one that turns his somersault when there is no whip” George Orwell

Part Two

The Innards and Machinations of Agenda 21

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