Robin the Mensch


Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

“You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

At first I thought it was just me and my often silly human mind. But I felt the earth move yesterday. Not in the physical realm but in the global consciousness we all share. After bumping into people all day who are close to me, I found I was not alone. Prolonged hugs seemed to be the norm, instead of just saying see you later.

It might have had something to do with Robin Williams dying by suicide. But I felt there was a sudden shift within the global consciousness. And it had nothing to do with grief or sadness of his passing, or a glitch in the matrix; it was a feeling of anger. Of a loud voice saying enough is enough.

I did not know the man, but have cried and laughed with him for over forty years. And though we did not know him personally, he touched many of us just the same. He connected with us on a very human level.  A man who lived both in the moment and in his head, while intimantly knowing the darkness and pain they held. Yet from nano nano, he had us. Enrapt and feeling the energy bursting forth from just one man, he deeply affected so many people. Not because he scored the winning goal, nor sung a few songs, or was the hero, but because he was human, just like us. We knew he hurt, yet he so wanted us to laugh. He also wanted us to think about what he said and why we laughed, much like Richard Pryor, George Carlin and many others did and do.

“Comedy is acting out optimism.”

Could his death have sent out ripples of light into human consciousness, I don’t know. Or was his passing simply a catalyst or representation of a human being living in the insanity of the world today. And but another human taking their own life because of it.

Whether climate, flora, or animal behaviour, which includes us humans, something has not been right. I’m sure Robin Williams, as well as millions of others, have felt this too.

Passing people on the street and smiling, even though you don’t feel like it, and stopping to comment on the weather and how simply wonderful it has been. Yet knowing it’s not normal, and why it’s not normal. But unable to talk about it because then you’d simply become a downer.

We are all running around pointing fingers, giving looks, either passive aggressive or American in your face, and programmed to act so. Pretending all is good, life is good.  Yet biologically we haven’t evolved much in thousands of years, nor has our belief systems, while technology is evolving every three weeks, it’s no wonder we can’t keep up.

Meanwhile we live our daily lives with insensible, entitled, egocentric, zero tolerance, and unreasonable people, where in order to keep sane; we must continuingly have to suffer such fools. The problems of the world today seemingly insurmountable, overwhelming us, for what is happening now, and within the baggage which is all of our past deeds. Especially those that we haven’t had even time to think about and perhaps learn and forgive, in order to go forward. The evolution of our bodies and minds is a long, long breath not a quick sip of air. Technology, the demise of the earth’s present ecosystems and climate, arms manufacturers reaping profits, obesity, addiction, and reality, is becoming too much for many of us. Cannot we simply allow appreciating and enjoying what we have, instead of treating it all as a throwaway product?

We are but humans, biological, and mostly water, no matter what, race, religion, language or ignorance tries to tell us otherwise. With the bottom line being we need to love and be loved. It is the epitome of our existence. And while the energy of all living things is not biological, it is spiritual. And this is what we are poisoning and abusing, far more than our bodies and the environment. And it’s eating us up.

So we allow ourselves to either fall to all the distractions that is created for us, which allows us, with a quick turn of the head, covering our ears and chanting la, la, la, la, to totally ignore the chaos which is the world today. Like the abhorrent one per cent of all the military groups and governments in the world, all supremely egocentric, who continue to run rough-shod over the earth for their own self-interests, meaning the bottom line and how much profit can be made, while they carry out economic, environmental and military oppression against people everywhere, or the over 50 million human beings around the world, currently seeking refuge from fellow human beings.

Or we allow ourselves to fall into routine, losing both imagination and empathy, and eventually becoming depressed, where it all becomes simply too much.

I don’t think Robin Williams ever truely lost his imagination or empathy, and though it failed to save himself, hopefully it drives us to save ourselves. In his life he gave himself. In his death he might have left us with more than even he could have imagined. Where enough people start saying, enough is enough, before our children’s future is as lost as we seem to be today.

Robin Williams gave me the courage to write this post. To step aside from often mundane but interesting research, desperately trying to get a point across using truths and realities within my addiction to essays, and write what I feel. I hope others do to, and not just words on paper, but standing up, and acting them out in how you treat your fellow humans. And if confronted by a fool tell them so, if something is wrong, make it right, appreciate what you have, understand the mentally ill, not scorn or deride them, and the most important thing needed today, which we can give to both ourselves and each other, forgiveness.

Good friends of Robin Williams have been tossing around the word, mensch, to describe their friend.  A German word, it means a decent, upright, mature, and responsible person. Someone the world desperately needs today.  Oh how I wish there were more.

“That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?”


All quotes – R.Williams

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