Racism Yet No biological changes in humans for 10,000 years

Every human being on the planet is of one species. Significant biological evolution for our species, at least the last biggest change, stopped between 50,000 to 100,000 years ago. By this time we had radiated out to every corner of the planet, and races developed. Because we are one species, originally evolving in Africa, this ensured that when we diverged across the planet, that racial and ethnic groups were and are biologically equivalent.

The differences between the races are very much “skin deep”. The most recent adaptations to our species occurred about 20,000 years ago. And it all had to do with the parts of us that interact with the world around us; skin colour, immune system, and metabolic changes due to the digestion of unique foods, amongst each race.

Human genetics prove that any racial superiority is a myth. Intelligence is not a single trait; it’s a huge entourage of abilities. Each race has an ancestral environment that favoured a different set of talents, with each race best adapted to their unique environment. This interestingly, eliminates the question of superiority between the races.

All the races of our species are not fundamentally the same, which is good. Otherwise the planet would be a boring place. Regardless of where one is born, each and all individuals are deserving of the same rights and opportunities. Every one of us brings different strengths and talents to the table, and this is why the most democratic, invigorating, and creative places on the planet are multi-racial cultures.

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