Peanut Butter Toast & Cats

The other day i’m standing there, minding my own business. I believe i was humming a tune, while spreading about a one inch thick mass of peanut butter onto a piece of toast. I had already applied a generous amount of butter, and topped it off with squeezing what was left of a plastic jar of nearly dried up honey. And you know what that is like. So i go to plant it onto a plate and………oh pooh. It falls off and lands with a splat on the linoleum before me. I suppose if you think about it, it makes sense. The side of the toast with the butter, peanut butter, and honey. Well it weighs more than the other side. But then i started thinking………….A cat. Now a cat, well you can toss that critter off a three story building, and every time it’ll land on its feet. Though i’m sure from a longer way up, the cat would still land on it’s feet, but they might not be able to take the force from falling and their feet shatter. Who knows?
So anyways, i’m thinking, i wonder what would happen if one were to duct tape a heavily laden, peanut butter and honey piece of toast onto a cats back. And then dropped them. Would the peanut buttered toast upset the cats ability to get it’s feet around? You see my dilemma. Personally i believe the only way the toast would land first is if you used a very small cat, perhaps a kitten. And the toast was just slobbered with peanut butter, about two inches thick i figure. But hey, i’m no scientist.

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