Moving through the Rhythms Of the Earth and Sun

Whether our lives consist of either starvation and thirst or seriously thinking about paying twelve hundred dollars per month on a lease for an automobile, the sun and earth continue on in their movements and cycles and have been doing so for billions of years. As we slog our way through the current age of debt, also known by its addictive and illusional brand name, the age of wealth, we have become ever more distracted from any decisions we ourselves would like to make. The sun and the earth don’t have this problem.

Our technology has evolved faster than our hearts, minds and gut instincts. We are being both consumed and stunted in our evolvement as human beings. We look out our windows and with our eyes can see that for the past few years each year passes and is very unlike the previous one. Change is afoot. We can see, feel and sense the earth is changing and not just the weather. We also feel and sense change from that big bright light in the sky we call the sun. Well folks there are changes happening that perhaps we could prepare for, but then probably not because we simply have too much to do within our strict daily routines. But despite our own perceived personal problems, the world’s debt load and climate change caused by global warming, we can create change if we do so desire, but we must have the collective will to change. Whatever we do though, it sounds like the earth and sun will create these changes for us.

A few weeks ago, during happy hour sessions with friends, I began to take note of conservation about solar flares, the earth’s magnetic shield and Comet Elenin, also called by a few as Nibiri. It would seem that little snippets of odd information is being filtered to us, leaking out through the media. Though i do believe that information is also being kept hidden. And with the end of the current world age about to end in late 2012, according to the Mayan Long Count, all these events create a perfect storm of circumstance and coincidence.
So I started to do my homework and from what I have gathered by simply seeking the truth of the matter and alternately reading what the skeptics and doom and gloomers had to say as well. The following is what we seem to know, at least today.

The Mayan Long Count calendar shows December 21, 2012 as the end of the current Mayan world age. Interestingly enough it is also the time each year when the universe goes through it’s own winter solstice.
According to the Mayan this current world age began on August 11, 3114 BC (Gregorian calendar) or September 6, 3114 BC (Julian calendar), which the Mayan determined to be when the final creation of human beings occurred. There had been four previous attempts, or world cycles, of trying to create humans before the gods finally got it right nearly fifty-two hundred years ago.

The Mayan Long Count consists of 360 day cycles called the Tun. The Baktun, was about 394 years and 13 of these represent a world age. They also had the Alautun, which represented a time span of nearly 63 million years. As to December 2012, the Mayans believe it to be the end of one world age and the beginning of another. The true gist as to what the Mayans thought this date to represent is not so horrific as we have been led to believe. They clearly suggest it can be defined instead as a global change of consciousness. They were also fascinated and held importance to solar flare activity, which brings us to the sun.

Seen from the earth, a sun spot happens when there is an eruption within the sun and magnetic flux is blasted out from the core. When these structures lose stability, by perhaps being too large as a solar flare, they mass eject into space profound amounts of Ultraviolet, Extreme Ultraviolet, x-ray Radiation and many other energetic particles. Often the blast is large enough and powerful enough to impact the earth and is absorbed by the earth’s ozone layer, but not always.

Flare activity is cyclical within the Solar Magnetic Cycle. A solar cycle has been proven to have a duration of about 22 years and is a magnetic cycle. But there is periodic change in the amount of radiation expelled from solar flares when it does change and reverses its magnetic polarity. This change in solar flares intensities happens about every 11 years. Like the earth, the sun has both, a north and south pole, as well as a magnetic field. Nearing the end of its current solar cycle the sun today is becoming less active as its magnetic fields will soon reverse. This will happen from July 2012 through to December 2012. After the magnetic reversal the solar cycle begins anew and the sun begins to power up again, with major solar flares the norm.

What is not normal is that in 2010, sunspot activity should have already started to climb to its maximum, instead it is at it’s lowest. Some suggest that when the sun does go through its magnetic reversal in late 2012, and it then powers up again, solar flares exploding out of the sun’s core could be some of the largest and most powerful ejections’ to-date. And yet at the same time, the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico and Arizona, and the Air Force Research Laboratory in Ohio, all located in the United States, predicted in early 2011 that after the next solar magnetic reversal and the solar flare activity surrounding the event, the next 11-year solar sunspot cycle (cycle 25) will be very low in sunspot activity and may not happen at all. This could lead to what was called the Maunder Minimum, which was the least amount of sunspot activity so far recorded.

From 1645 to 1715, Europe and much of North America went through what is called the Little Ice Age. This was caused by a reduction of global average temperatures of only about 0.3 degreesC and caused world wide famine because agriculture could not cope with such a lower temperature. So if what the experts predict of the new solar cycle, which there will be hardly any sunspot activity at all over the next eleven or so years, unfortunately the reduction of global average temperatures by 0.3C or even 0.5C will not be enough to offset ongoing average global temperatures that are increasing due to global warming.

So as far as the sun’s activities go, the only thing we should be prepared for is the solar flares that will be bursting forth out of the sun sometime around July 2012 through December 2012. After that, when the sun enters its new solar cycle the flares and sunspots will die down and mellow out. As to the solar flares we do know what to expect, though not at what level, because a mere 150 years ago the most powerful solar flare in the past 500 years erupted out of the sun.

In 1859 a huge mass ejection from a solar flare, since called the Carrington Event, travelled to earth in about 18 hours. A normal journey takes three to four days. The luminous region of the Aurora Borealis entirely circled the north pole, extending as far south as Cuba, Africa and Southern Asia. The altitude of the bases of the columns of light rose 25 kilometres above the earth, with streamers of coloured light shooting up into space 50-60 kilometres. The same thing was happening in the southern hemisphere. The light show was one aspect, the cosmic radiation and energized particles impacting over the earth were another and gave an electric shock to most all animals, caused the excitement of magnetism in irons, the deflection of magnetic compass needles, and the decomposition of chemical solutions. Every electrical device and grid on the planet failed, including telegraph systems all over Europe and North America. Took months to get everything going again. Same events could happen next year sometime. Could you imagine?

Every electrical device fails. Planes, trains and automobiles would cease to run, automated teller machines would be unuseable, banks and business simply having to shut down, computers and cell phones would die, hospitals would be facing a crisis, fans would not work, heaters would not provide heat, pumps for heating and cooling would fail, the pumps for keeping Nuclear reactors cooled would fail and their backup generators would be unusable. Many places around the globe would begin to flood, crash, freeze and burn. In space the International Space Station would be inoperative. The United States Space Surveillance Network currently tracks more than 8,000 man-made orbiting objects. About 7% of these or 560 of these satellites are operational, with the rest being space debris. We also have satellites orbiting the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun. The list of what makes up modern society in which would fail is endless and would be devastating. I could indeed see something like this creating and thrusting forward the need for a global change of consciousness.

As the sun goes through cycles of magnetic field reversals, solar magnetic activity and intensity greatly increases during the reversal. The earth also goes through magnetic field reversals but unlike the sun, the earth’s magnetic intensity seems to occur during periods of low field strength.
This is what is happening now, with the earth’s magnetic field estimated to be at it’s weakest sometime in late 2012.

The geomagnetic shield is estimated to be about 3.5 billion years old and is cyclical in nature.. The duration of these shifts is estimated to be between 1,000 and 10,000 years, with the last one happening about 780,000 years ago. Geomagnetic reversal is the movement of the poles due to disturbances of the geomagnetic field by charged particles. A collection of charged particles is called plasma, the fourth state of matter and is the most common state of matter in the universe, much more than the states of solids, liquids and gases. The magnetic field of the earth is generated by what is called, dynamo action, in which convection of molten iron in the core of the earth generates electric currents which in turn rise to magnetic fields. The earth’s overall magnetic field is becoming weaker, with a 10-15% decline in the past 150 years, though over the past few years this rate has been accelerating. In late 2012 it is estimated that this quickening will slow right down in intensity and the poles will begin to shift their magnetic polarity, which will take anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 years to complete.

The north pole has been moving north-west towards Russia for thousands of years. During the 20th century it moved about 1100 kilometres at a rate of about 10 kilometres per year, but now has risen to a speed of about 40-50 kilometres per year. Over the past ten years it has only gotten faster. The north pole is currently shifting NW approximately 1 Degree every five years and in 50 years will be located over Siberia. The weakening of earth’s magnetic shield will be at it’s lowest in late 2012, which means the poles may begin to shift their polarity, with the ozone layer further being weakened and thus allowing the earth’s surface to be exposed to substantial damage from cosmic radiation. At about the same time the sun will be expelling record size solar flares and blasting the earth in radiation and numerous other particles, will be just when the earth’s electro-magnetic shield will be at its weakest. This is our biggest threat over the next couple of years and though there is no uncontested evidence that an earth’s magnetic field reversal has ever caused biological extinctions there is still much which will be changed.

Most animals on the planet, including ourselves, can detect the earth’s magnetic field. If this were to change many animals that migrate, such as birds and turtles would be unable to navigate. Even cows and other wild animals align their bodies’ north-south while relaxing. I believe that we humans have also been sensing such a change and see it in media reports about climate extremes happening around the globe.

Before modern man, Homo Erectus and their ancestors survived many previous reversals and though reversals have not caused extinction events by themselves, when the magnetic reversal slows down its intensity and its shield weakens it could cause forceful convection at the earth’s core, which would lead to the widespread problem of perhaps hundreds of  volcanoes erupting, more powerful storms, hurricanes and earthquakes and that the resulting airborne ash could very well cause extinction. This could happen just as the entire electrical grid of the world is knocked out of action. This would no doubt change the way we live, act and think, about the planet and ourselves.

Many of us in the west will feel our lives are over without our automobiles, computers and toys, but we must remember that half the world will and do not have this problem. Many are still very in touch with what it means to be human; the spiritual and cultural side, a sense of community and tradition.

Finally we come to Comet Elenin due to arrive at its closest approach to the earth on November 6, 2011, in what is termed a near-miss. Ancient Akkadian and Sumer stargazers had a term to describe the highest point of the ecliptic or the highest point in the paths of the visible planets at the time, the farthest away being Jupiter, they called this Nibiru, with the corresponding constellation being Libra. The American author Zecharia Sitchin would develop a theory that human origins involve ancient astronomers and an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune named Nibiru follows a long elliptical orbit and reaches the earth’s inner solar system every 3,600 years. He believed Niribu’s last passing was in 550 BC, with the next one happening in the year 2900. Niribu has also been labelled by some as being what is termed, Planet X. The philosopher Nostradamus described in one of his quatrains that around this time he foresees a piece of a passing comet breaking off and impacting near the Azores islands.

The scientific world is well aware of Comet Elenin, but estimate it as passing too far off to have any effect on the earth or it’s atmosphere. Though I’ve heard rumours that there might be plans to vacate the International Space Station just in case. Asteroids, comets, et al have been nearly missing or impacting the earth for billions of years. Collisions in the past or even near-misses have had a significant role in shaping the geological and biological history of the planet. As late as March 23, 1989 the 300-metre diameter, Apollo Asteroid, 4581 Asclepius (1989FC) missed the earth by 700,000 kilometres, passing through the exact position earth was only six hours before. If it had impacted, it would have created the largest explosion in history, 12 times more powerful than the most powerful nuclear bomb ever exploded by man. Which was detonated by the Russians on October 30, 1961 in the extreme NE of Europe on an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, its yield was 50 megatons of TNT. The Hiroshima bomb in 1945 was less than one megaton, about 15 kilotons of TNT. But all estimates determine that the near-miss of Comet Elenin will not disrupt our world. The reversing of the magnetic fields of the sun and the weakening of the earths electro-magnetic shield on the other hand, happening at approximately the same time, will have a much more profound effect on earth.

Oddly enough though,  none of the events described above will cause life on earth to be extinct. As our ancestors were able to do, many of us will survive and carry on. Hopefully following a different path than the one we are now treading. To possess a new, clear and focussed consciousness, uncluttered by the bells and whistles, tits and ass of our materialistic, self entitled, capitalistic ways. We will survive as a species but how we are to survive and what will life be like afterwards is open to debate and all sorts of theories.

But there is no need for us to start freaking out or anything. We must simply be prepared and start thinking, instead of allowing others to think for us. Personally I will continue to try to make each day count in some small way. Showing empathy, good manners and respect towards others and caring for loved ones, my community and myself. To strive to appreciate  and be aware of each moment of the life I have been given and listen to my instincts and feelings. I will continue to love the one i am with. And if by chance either solar flares from the suns  magnetic reversal, the earth’s deteriorating ozone layer and magnetic shield, some far off comet or asteroid, or simply getting hit by a car takes me out, then at least it can be said I lived, which is far better than never having lived at all.



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