CK Baker’s “The Organ Room”

 lady craighead

played the blues

on a stand-up samick

in the organ room

along side

the parson’s project

and squabbling dogs

and knight moves

the stairs creek

on the mezzanine trek

as wool sheets slide

on the finished floor

angels play late

in the 7th

(a closing match nearing

the midnight hour)

the phone rings

and clock sings

in the ruddy stall

a sleeman variation

of the ruy lopez

employed heartily

by the incomparable

master jack!

rooster calls

and wind squalls

rustle through the west screen door

chicken pot pie and rogue flies linger

the rocker chair placed

near the sepia face (coloured)

in a silver back frame

croaking toads

and crickets

in the blue moon

musty smells and mothballs

deep in the vault

the kettle boils

and cat coils

as the pump house turns

donkeys are called

and hoes fastened

maggie and her dreams

of green tambourines


and reflections

and whispering

gospel bells)

toast is burning

a wringer wash churning

the chris craft running

near the carp canoe

tractor pulls

and stone grinders trip

as horses lay

in the mid-day sun

the trump card is fingered

at the furnace click

(crosswords and puzzles

are next!)

while the sparrow prince

and that damn rabid fox

are drowning

deep in castles well



Copyright © 2013

CK Baker

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