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My Peace in the Middle East Piece – Gaza & Iran.  o7/28/14

You have to be kidding me – The 2013 Queens Jubilee Awards.  09/30/13

Dreams of Inheritances and Lotteries.  08/22/13

An Essay on Democratic Dysfunction, the 2013 BC Election, lack of voting and status quo.   06/17/13

One Day in the US of A.   – American deaths per day versus the three deaths at the Boston marathon.  04/16/13

Costs of Living   – Inequalities, poverty levels, and the cost for one person to live in Victoria BC.  04/08/13

Idle No More Movement and Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence   01/07/13

The Queens Award for Ignorance and Intolerance.  – contradictions of the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medals of Canada.  10/23/12

Premier Steve Harper’s religion, in a nutshell. The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  CAMA? Say it isn’t so.  10/02/12

Salesmen of Sport. – corporate henchmen and the richest athletes in the world. 08/29/12

Dazed and Confused – modern social behaviour and community.  08/11/12

The Garage Sale of Canada – the selling off of Canada’s limited natural resources.  07/24/12

Oh Canada, Where Art Thou Going? – today and the future in Canada.  First periodSecond periodThird period, and Overtime. of a game of hockey between Harper government and Canadian citizens. 06/19/12

Student Protests ; One Coin Two Sides – Quebec Student protests, student loans, cost of living, and tuition in Canada.  05/28/12

Clown Town – Modern suburbia, James Kunstler.  05/14/12

Bubbles in Chocolate bars – Victoria BC rental market, rental and capitalistic bubbles. 04/25/12

Greed and the Climate – consumerism, climate change caused by global warming, personal world-views and the world’s wealthiest people.  04/10/12

Scary read in Time magazine’s issue of the world’s most influential people and surrealism.  02/29/12

Summary and Comments to the essay, Some Creation Stories. Axis mundi, ego, creation, and the hero’s story.  02/08/12

The Erosion of Etiquette – rules of civility, conversation, being a gentleman and a lady, manners, Emily Post and social behaviour.  11/24/11

Summary to Grand Deluges – climate change, capitalism, flooding, planetary controls and the world’s population.  11/07/11

A Canadian Crime N’ Shame  Crime rates in Canada.  11/03/11

The Occupy and fed up and can’t it anymore movement – social and wealth inequality. 10/09/11

Cheap Shots and staged fighting in Hockey.  10/11/11

Accountable to be responsible – coaching the game of hockey, committment, emotional control, and human traits.  10/26/11

Murder By Gun – murder rates, crime, violence and empathy.  09/28/11

Moving through the Rhythms of the Earth and Sun – earth’s geomagnetic field, solar magnetic cycle, solar flares and sun cycles.  09/08/11










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